Tips to Store Leftover Paint


Proper paint storage is crucial to prolong the life of the paint. Paint can be expensive and needs to be stored properly to be able to reuse.

Honestly, I feel like paint is like scrap wood around here. It seems to multiply exponentially with every project.

How to Store Leftover Paint

Open right

Always use a paint can opener to open the lid. DO NOT use a screwdriver or a sharp edge. This can distort the lid making it harder to properly close and seal the can later.

Use right

The life of paint also depends how you use it. You want to try your very best not to get paint into the rim of the paint can. This will harden over time, making it hard to seal the lid when it is closed.

Close properly

In between pours, be sure to keep the lid closed. This can be done by tapping it shut. Never use a hammer to close the lid.

Storage location

The paint storage location is crucial for a long paint shelf-life. Paint should be protected from extreme temperatures – especially from freezing and also from direct sunlight.