Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Nothing says how much you care about a person like taking the time to think of an idea and make something that they will use and look at in their daily lives. 

Just because it is a gift, that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated or involve fancy tools. I have you covered with simple and easy project ideas for everyone on your list!

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas

DIY Footrest

They won’t know what they are missing until they have one of these! It is great to relieve pressure on the legs and in general, good for ergonomic posture.

DIY Phone Stand For Desk 

Everyone always has a phone at hand on their desk. Make it easy for them to see it along with their favorite picture or quote to keep them motivated!

Easy DIY Modern Pencil Holder

This modern pencil holder with dividers is rather simple to make. It adds a unique modern touch with the acrylic to keep all the pens and pencils corraled in one spot!

Easy DIY Tool Box Organizer

This beginner friendly DIY toolbox organizer can be used in so many different ways. They can organize desk supplies, kitchen utensils and of course tools.