Make perfect no-sew canvas storage bins or boxes using cardboard boxes with this detailed step by step tutorial. There is even a no-sew liner!

supplies needed

Cardboard box

Canvas drop cloth

Hot glue gun


Spray adhesive

Measuring tape


Step 1

If your box has top flaps, cut them off and tape any holes/slots for handles.

Step 2

Cut out the drop cloth to a size such that the drop cloth wraps around the sides and has about 3 inches extra. Don’t forget to iron it.

Step 3

Time to make the canvas covered box. Lay the drop cloth on a flat surface and keep the box in the middle and mark out the bottom.

Step 4

Measure out 1 inch diagonally from the corner. 

Step 5

Draw straight lines from the edge of the drop cloth to the mark from step 4.

Step 6

Do this for all the sides and cut them out.

Step 7

Now cut along the 1-inch diagonal line to the corner. 

Step 8

On one side – spray side of the box with adhesive and smooth the drop cloth flap on.

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