How to Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Quality wood furniture is hard to come by, so when you do you need to refurbish it to its original luster.

You will need a few supplies specified for outdoor paint projects like: outdoor paint, sanding sponges, disposable paint brushes, and a few other odds and ends.

Clean the Furniture

Paint needs a clean surface to adhere to so give the furniture a good scrubbing with soap and a soft bristle brush.

Make Repairs

Older furniture can show its age with years of wear and tear. Repair any loose boards and replace any missing screws.


Give the piece a light sanding with a sanding sponge and remove any old finish.

Pick the Paint Color

Decide on a paint color by testing the color in different light.


Apply an oil-based primer and after that dries apply a water-based primer. The oil-based stops old stains from seeping through.


After the primer has dried paint with an exterior semi-gloss paint. I did three coats for optimal coverage.


Add two coats of exterior polyurethane finish to the furniture sanding lightly between coats.