A full tutorial on how to stain concrete floors yourself. Staining a concrete floor is easy. Follow the step by step tutorial how to stain a concrete patio floor and do it yourself.

supplies needed

Pressure washer

Concrete crack filler

Large stiff bristle broom

HomeRight StainStick

Concrete Etcher and Cleaner

HomeRight Quick Painter

Concrete Stain in color of your choice

Step 1


Clean. After a quick sweep, bring in the pressure washer. The patio already looked so much better after the wash.

Step 2


Fill cracks. I used premixed concrete that came in a squeeze bottle and it was super easy to fill in small cracks. Make sure to wipe away any excess.

Step 3


Etch. Using a chemical etcher and cleaner, treat the entire surface of the patio. Follow the directions on your can. This needs to be left to dry for 24 hours before staining.

Step 4


Stain. Using the Quick Painter made it super quick and easy to cut in along the edges of the patio and near the walls.


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Stained Concrete Floor is ready!