A Guide to Build a Sandpaper Organizer 

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It started out pretty well but over the years, it has been the most frustrating part of my workshop organization.

Not just sanding discs or sandpaper, I also have sanding blocks, sanding belts for a belt sander, and other smaller sanding solutions – all mixed into that one single drawer – and sometimes, when they don’t fit, they are in various parts of the workshop.

How to Build a Sandpaper Organizer

The Plan

I started out by making a list of what I wanted to store in that organizer – Sanding disc, sanding block, sanding sponge, sanding sheet, sanding belt, random orbital sander, and belt sander

Step 1: Make the cut

You can easily accommodate all the cuts needed in one single 2×4 sheet of plywood. Or, you might have enough scrap plywood to build this. 

Step 2: Attach the shelve

For this step, I used pocket holes to attach the bottom piece to the sides for maximum strength. 

Step 3: Attach the front and back apron

At the top, I attached two aprons to the front using wood glue and trim head screws.