How to Use a Router: A Beginner Guide

If there is one tool tutorial that is the most requested and the least talked about, it is the router. A few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram audience which tool they would like me to talk about, and the answer was an overwhelming “router.”

I love this because, from my experience trying to learn how to use a router – a detailed tutorial on routers is VERY much needed.

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What Does a Router Do?

A router is a power tool used to trim, shape, or cut wood. It is primarily designed to hollow out or “route” an area in wood.

Parts of a Router

I use a Dewalt trim router. I will point out the features and parts of this router. If you have a different brand, the parts may look or operate differently, but their function remains the same.

How to Install the Bit

– Hold the spindle lock button. – Insert the bit into the collet. It should be inserted deep enough to be secure but not so deep that the shank touches the bottom of the collet.

How to Run the Router

Hold the router firmly. With a trim router, you can use only one hand. Be sure to keep the other hand out of the router’s path.