IKEA Malm Makeover: DIY Crackle Paint Using Glue

You know when you try a technique you have never attempted before and it works out better than expected?

It took a bit of research to figure out how to get the crackle paint finish. I didn’t want to spend $$$ on buying crackle medium.

IKEA Malm Makeover: DIY Crackle Paint Using Glue

Step 1 Prepare surface for painting

Take off any knobs and pulls and patch up all the holes with caulk. 

Step 2 – Paint the base paint

I used Country Chic Paints’ All in one paint in Lazy Linen. 

Step 3 – DIY crackle paint with Elmer’s Glue

It’s time to use the white glue crackle paint technique! Pour glue onto the drawer and spread it across using a sponge brush. 

Step 4: Add your top paint color

Wait (impatiently) for 2 minutes for the skin to form on the glue, then pour the top paint color little by little and spread it out using a foam brush.  




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