Kreg Jig

Which One to Buy for Beginner

Confused about the Kreg Jig models? Here is everything you need to decide about which Kreg jig to buy for beginners or experienced makers.

What is a Kreg Jig?


A Kreg Jig is a jig that helps you make a pocket hole.

Kreg 320


– The smallest pocket hole jig – The most budget-friendly (~ $40) – Quick to set up – Easy to store – Easy to move around

Kreg 520


– It is pretty compact in size – Can be portable or clamped (clamp sold separately) to the workbench. – Mid-range pricing. (~$100) – Small and light weight

Kreg 720


– The largest of the above set of jigs and considerably heavier. – It is a bench top jig but can moved around too if needed. – Can be used in vertical or horizontal configuration

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