Living Room Ideas for 2024

Interior designers and home decor experts predict significant changes to living rooms over the next year.

Multifunctional furniture, smart home devices, and biophilic design are trends experts predict to be huge in 2024.

Trending Living Room Ideas

Natural Element

“Eco-Chic Fusion” — a blend of sustainability and style- will be the buzzword for 2024, says Alex Locklear. The global focus on sustainability and bringing the outdoors in, will translate to living rooms in 2024.

Multifunctional Furniture

With more people working from home and wanting flexible living spaces, furniture that serves multiple purposes is becoming increasingly popular.

Tech-Integrated Haven

Smart home technology continues to evolve and will increasingly play a significant role in managing our homes.

The Fragmented Layout

With the open plan living space on the way out, we expect to see more fragmented floor plans, essentially splitting large rooms into several smaller zones, predicts DIY expert Tommy Mello.