no weld diy project


Wine storage is essential for a wine connoisseur.

Wine bottles need to be stored laying down not standing up.

You may want to display your bottles of wine where they can be seen.

You may not want it to take up too much space.


All you need are some steel rods, a heat torch and a few other supplies to make your own.

work surface

Use the heat torch outside on concrete.  Pavers will help act as support as well as clamps

Bending the rods

To bend a steel rod it needs to be heated to 1600-1700 degrees F.

cut the steel rods

I cut the steel rods after bending because I wanted longer rods to hold and bend.

put it together

Braze the two tiers together by adding supports

Paint and your steel wine rack is ready!

A steel wine rack is great for countertops or small spaces because it takes up very little visual space.