Metal Plant Stand

I am all into plants now! Since I have been able to keep a bunch of them alive, I can’t have enough of them. I am always thinking of fun and unique ways to display them.

This tiered plant stand is the perfect way to display multiple plants and easily fits into a corner of your home.

Metal Plant Stand

Step 1 – Cut the Aluminum Tube

Start by cutting the aluminum tubes per the plans.

Step 2 – Clean and Prepare Tube

Clean all the tubes with acetone to remove all the gunk and residues.

Step 3 – Set up the Joint

Set up the metal pieces you want to join and hold them together using a metal clamp. Be sure to use a speed square to keep everything square.

Step 4: Braze!

This is the fun part! Although the technique is quite easy, as I mentioned before, it also takes a lot of patience. 




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