Miter Box

How to Use a Miter Box

You can still cut wood for projects without fancy power saws.

A miter box is great for beginner woodworkers

Make your cuts using a hand saw. Perfect for making projects if you live in an apartmnet.


They are very inexpensive and make a great starting point to start simple woodworking projects.

material you can cut

You can use a miter box to cut wood, plastic, or aluminum.

Cuts you can make

You can use a miter box to cut straight and angled cuts.


You can clamp your miter box to your work surface or screw it in.

Cutting angles

The slots in the miter box make sure your saw stays aligned to the desired angle you make the cut.

The only drawback to using a miter box is that the height of the wood that can be cut is limited by the height of the sides of the miter box.