Miter Saw

Tips to Make Accurate Cut

The miter saw is one of the first power tools I bought. It is still one of the most used tools in my workshop.

It took me a long time to figure out exactly how to use it so I could get the perfect accurate cut every single time.

Align the table

This is to make sure that the blade is exactly perpendicular to the table. It helps to get straight cleans across the thickness of the board with no bevels.

Align the Fence

This makes sure that the fence is perpendicular to the saw blade.

Cut off factory end

If you use a speed square and check the ends, you will almost always see

Use a speed square for the cut line

Once you have measured and marked the board, use a speed square to draw a line across the board using a sharp pencil.

Account for the Kerf

Kerf is one of the most important concepts to understand when cutting material with any saw.

While all miter saws come with a blade, they are often have a low teeth count and aren’t great quality.