How to Build a Modern DIY Tall Wood Planter

Level up your plant game with this DIY tall modern planter! Easy to build, stylish, and perfect for adding greenery to your home.

How to Build

Important tip for building: measure board thickness! Fence boards are often thinner than 3/4". Adjust plans accordingly for box and stand.

Step 1: Prepare Boards

Follow the cut list in the plans for the box. Cut those pieces first and assemble before cutting pieces for the stand. Adjust dimensions as needed.

Step 2: Build the Box

Join side and bottom boards with wood glue and finish nails. Repeat for two pieces. Then, glue them together and clamp for the bottom of the planter box.

Attach the other sides of the box using wood glue and finish nails. This makes the lower part of the planter box.

Attach 2×2 supports on the inside corners using wood glue and finish nails. You can add nails through both sides as well as from the bottom to make sure everything is attached well

Step 3: Build the Stand

Create pocket holes in 1x10 boards. Attach bottom and middle shelves using pocket hole screws and wood glue. Align stand sides carefully.

Step 4: Final Finish

Customize colors with stain or paint. Protect with spar urethane for outdoor use. For direct planting, add drainage holes and landscape fabric.


How to Build a DIY Tall Modern Planter