Must Have Woodworking Tools

Must Have Woodworking Tools

Woodworking tools in a workshop can feel overwhelming

The truth is that you don't need ALL the tools to be able to build majority of the projects

Here are the basic power tools you want to have when you are getting started with woodworking

Power Drill


A power drill should be in every household - whether woodworking or not.

Miter Saw


A miter saw makes it easy to make accurate cross cuts on boards.

Circular saw


A Circular Saw helps cut down large sheets of plywood or panels

Jig Saw


A Jig saw is great for making curved cuts.

Random Orbital Sander


To help you get a smooth and clean finish on your projects.

A Nail gun and a pocket hole jig will also make it easy to build projects. 

Don't forget a good tape measure, speed square and safety gear.