Make no-sew drop cloth curtains with this easy step by step tutorial. Transform your home on a budget with this easy and quick DIY home decor project.

supplies needed

Drop Cloth

Instant Hem Tape



Flexible Measuring Tape

Step 1: Measure your window.

The first step to making your no-sew drop cloth curtains is measuring your window. Use your flexible tape measure to make note of how wide and tall your window is

Step 2: Cut your drop cloth to size

Measure off of one corner (leaving two sizes with the hemmed edges) the height of your window plus 1″ and half the width of your window plus 1-6″.

Step 3: Hem the sides

Using your instant hem tape, hem the two unfinished edges. Do this by applying the tape to the unfinished hem, pulling the tape off and folding over to adhere.

Step 4: Make the rod pocket

Using your leftover drop cloth material from your initial panel, cut another strip of fabric the width of your panel by 6″ tall and hem the edges.

Next, cut and adhere 2″ strips of your instant hem tape with 2-4″ gaps between them all along the top of your panel and the bottom of your small extra fabric strip.

Leaving gaps between the strips will allow your curtain panels to fold and bunch nicely when on the rod.

Lastly, place your small fabric strip face-down on the top to create your curtain rod pocket. And that’s it! Like I mentioned before, you’ll need to make the second panel just the same way.

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