Learn how to make DIY concrete pumpkins using dollar store pumpkins with this awesome easy technique! This is the perfect beginner concrete project!

supplies needed

Fast setting Concrete mix

Faux pumpkins

Paint stick


Old bucket

Paint of choice

Hot water

Step 1 – Mix Concrete


- Mix the concrete mix with hot water per the directions in the bucket. I - used the directions for the hand-formed mixture. The concrete consistency should almost be like clay.

STEP 2 – Hand-form pumpkins


– Slowly form the concrete on top of the faux pumpkin. – Make sure the layer is not too thick so you are able to see some of the pumpkin’s ridges on the shape.

Step 3 – Paint


– Paint in your choice of color and pattern. – I did the stripe pattern, a gold-dipped effect, and a paint drip effect. – I also painted the stems with metallic green.


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The DIY Concrete Pumpkins are ready!