DIY Gifts for Plant Lover

What do you give someone that has everything? If they’re a plant lover, you give them plants. But, if they have a ton of plants already, give them a DIY gift they can use with their plants instead.

Tiered Plant Stand


Your plant lover will love this DIY gift idea. You can make this plant stand free using scrap wood, but they will never know!

Tiered Metal Plant Stand


This DIY plant stand is a little more advanced, but don’t let aluminum brazing intimidate you into not making this for your plant lover.

Fluted Plant Stands 


Made from foam wreath rings, they are easy to put together with glue and spray paint.

Tiered Planter Box


Anyone with a green thumb will love this tiered planter box. It’s an easy beginner project that can be built in less than an hour and for around $10.

Concrete Planter


This DIY concrete planter is my fun take on the ubiquitous DIY concrete planters you see everywhere. Yes, I added wood feet!

Tiered Concrete Planter


The perfect gift for their plant babies, you won’t need expensive molds to make this DIY gift for your plant lover. You can easily make it using cardboard and plastic containers.

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