Plywood Pegboard: How to DIY One

I had always planned to add some sort of decor/shelving on the wall in my workshop and this ended up being the perfect solution!

Although I am using scrap plywood pieces, you really don’t have to! This would also work perfectly with regular-shaped larger plywood pieces.

Plywood Pegboard: How to DIY One

Step 1 – Decide Configuration

Decide the arrangement you want to use for your organizer.

Step 2 – Mark Grid

Measure and mark the grid for the pegboard using a combination square. I used a 4″x4″ square grid.

Step 3 – Make the Hole

Make 3/4″ holes using a Forstner bit.

Step 4 – Prepare the plywood

Add edge banding if you would like to cover up the raw plywood edges.