Plywood Projects

Easy Scrap Plywood Project

If you have a pile of scrap plywood laying around or are unsure what to do with it, we’ve got some ideas for you.

DIY Plywood Headboard


A dinosaur shelf is perfect for any child obsessed with dinosaurs. T

Divided Storage Bin


If you have scrap plywood and a few boards you can make this divided storage bin in about an hour and for FREE!

Coffee Filter Holder


For those of us that still like to make coffee the traditional way, this DIY coffee filter holder is the perfect way to store coffee filters.

Scrap Plywood Clock


This wood clock can be made using 1/4″ scrap plywood and a simple clock mechanism all in just an afternoon.

Sandpaper Storage


Sandpaper storage can be the most frustrating part of workshop organization. You throw them in a drawer and when you go looking for the one you need you can’t find it.

Lazy Susan


I had wanted to make a patterned plywood project for a long time. I had no idea what this project would end up being when I started, but I’m so happy it turned into a Lazy Susan!

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