Printer Stand: How to DIY One

Building drawers are I am on a mission to re-organize my home office, and one of the things that needs to go is a 2-drawer metal file cabinet I bought on Craigslist 10 years ago.  almost like a rite of passage for woodworkers.

I built this gorgeous office cabinet to replace that metal cabinet, and I am in love! I have been on the fence about how I want to take the office decor, and this cabinet will set the tone for the office makeover.

Printer Stand: How to DIY One

Step 1: Prepare the Board

Make all the cuts per the cut list.

Step 2: Build the Cabinet

Attach the sides to the top, bottom, and shelf using pocket hole screws and wood glue. 

Step 3: Build and Install the Drawer

Make pocket holes using the Kreg230 or any other pocket hole jig set to a 1/2″ setting. I used the Kreg 230. 

Step 4: Make the Drawer Front

I was going for the fluted design. I grabbed a bunch of half round molding from the home improvement store and cut it up to the height of each drawer front. 




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