Router Bits: Types and Usage

Router bits are probably the most confusing part of using a router. There are SO many types of bits available.

I remember when I first got a router. I realized I needed router bits. All I wanted to do in my project was create a rounded-over edge.

Router Bits: Types and Usage

Parts of a Router Bit

The shank – the bottom end of the router bit that is inserted into a router.  The blades or cutters – this is the sharp edge that makes the cuts. Pilot bearing – some router bits also have a bearing above, below, or both above and below the blade. 

Bits for Making Groove

I used a straight bit to cut out the circle for the lazy Susan, make grooves for this clock with metal inlay, and making the hole for the wireless charger in the charging station. 

Joinery Bit

I use rabbeting bits all the time – like adding a door to the bar cabinet, making space for the cane webbing in this nightstand, and even adding a back to a bookshelf or nightstand. 

Edge-Forming Bit

Designed to cut a shoulder on the edge of a workpiece. 




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