Scrap Wood Projects: Only for Beginners

It is almost like – bigger the project, the bigger the pile of scrap wood!

I have a huge pile of scrap wood in my workshop filled with lumber of random shapes and sizes and it is fun to come up with ideas and projects to use up that scrap wood efficiently.

Scrap Wood Projects: Only for Beginners

Not only are these scrap wood projects super easy and quick to make (hello! instant gratification!), they also make perfect handmade gift ideas, home decor ideas or organization projects.

DIY Laptop Stand for Desk 

Make your workspace more ergonomic with this easy DIY laptop stand. It takes minutes to make and is SO useful!

DIY Wood Wall Art

Sometimes gluing pieces of scrap wood painted various colors makes for really pretty art!

DIY Footrest Under Desk 

This easy 30-minute project adds an ergonomic footrest under your worktable.