Spray Paint: Cool Effects You Will Love

One swoosh of spray paint in your favorite color and any boring and outdated piece gets a whole new life!

When I came across the new spray paint brand called COLORSHOT, I had to try it because the colors looked amazing! I tried “Lucky Penny” on the knob of the Ikea Tarva Nightstand makeover. And I was seriously impressed with their spray can.

Spray Paint:  Cool Effects You Will Love

Apply Primer

Wiped down all of them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Sprayed everything except the ceramic cactus with 2 coats of white Primer.

Gradient Effect

You hold the can on one side of the item and spray a mist of spray paint in your favorite color.

Crackle Effect

Once the metal can was sprayed with an even coat of Cosmo, I immediately wrapped it with plastic wrap, left it for about a minute and removed it!

Drip Effect

Once, I gave an even coat of Island Girl to the metal vase, I used Emoji and spray short bursts all around the top of the vase.