Step-by-Step to Build a Wooden DIY Tiered Organizer Shelf

This tiered organizer is a great way to organize any countertop or desktop. It is a versatile organizer and works well to organize many spaces

It is also very easy to build and uses mostly 1×2 boards and a couple of common woodworking tools – a saw to make the cuts and a nail gun or power drill to join.

DIY Wooden Tiered Organizer

Materials Needed

– Lumber per the plans. The plans include detailed measurements, instructions and diagrams) – 1 1/4″ finish nails or 1 1/4″ trim head screws – Wood glue – Wood Filler – Sandpaper in various grit – Stain or paint in the color of your choice. I used American Walnut. – Top coat. – Masking tape

Step 1: Prepare the board

Using a miter saw, make the cuts as listed in the plans. See how to make accurate cuts with a miter saw.

Step 2: Build the shelves

Attach the short 1×2 boards to the ends of the respective boards using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 3: Create a template

The trays are evenly spaced, and the best way to make sure they are attached at the right spacing is to create a template using masking tape on the floor or table.