The Best Dust Collectors for Small Workshops

Discover various types of dust collection systems for woodworking. Choose the best sawdust collector for your workshop with our beginner-friendly guide.

Many beginners overlook dust collection in woodworking, focusing on tools instead. But sawdust is a major byproduct. Here's a guide to choosing the right system.

My Garage Dust Collection System

Shop Vac 

I have used this one from Ridgid for over 8 years now. Great starter option.

Dust Collection system 

I've relied on the Rockler DustRight 1250 CFM with canister filter for 5 years. Wall-mounted in my workshop, it's perfect for my planer and table saw.

Dust Extractor

Just got the Fein Turbo II. It's portable, with a small footprint. Love the tool activation feature; when I start my sander, it kicks in automatically.

Dust Separator

I use the Dustopper with The Home Depot 5-gallon bucket.

Rockler small tool hose kit 

Helps me connect various-sized tools to the shop vac or dust extractor

Dust Right 4” Quick Change Shop and Tool Set – all the accessories needed to use the Dust collector to clean up the workshop.


The Best Dust Collectors for Small Workshops