Tiered Raised Garden Bed

We don’t have a lot of space in our backyard thanks to the pool so we used large pots left behind by the previous owner to grow a few things.

Due to the constraint of space, I decided to build an off-the-ground planter and decided to make it tiered so the back tier had a trellis to support the vines for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Step 1 Make Cuts and Prep

– Follow the printable plans and make all your cuts. – Sand down the boards. I chose to only sand the sides that would be visible – so one side each of the outer cedar planks and the 2×2 legs.

Step 2 – Build Each of the Leg Frame

Attach a rail to the shortest legs and attache the supports using pocket hole screws 

Step 3 Assemble Frame

Assemble the entire frame by attaching the supports to the middle leg frame. 

Step 4: Attach cedar planks 

Attach cedar planks to the each other and to the 2×2 legs using the wide corner brace.




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