Intimidated by the lumber aisle at your home improvement store?  You don't have to be...

Ease of building the project Strength and durability of the finished project Final outcome of the finished project So what do you need to know?

Reasons for picking the right board


Where to buy  lumber?

You can buy lumber at your local home improvement store or at a lumber yard.


Types of wood and their uses

Lumber can be divided into 2 types Hardwoods and softwoods

Softwood is the most common type of lumber used in woodworking projects. Generally easy to work with. Relatively inexpensive compared to hardwoods. Tend to be lightweight It can be stained or painted to create a wide variety of looks

Hardwoods are typically more expensive than softwoods but are also much more durable. Types of hardwoods oak walnut  mahogany maple.


How is  lumber sold?

Softwoods are sold by the board meaning the price you see will be the price you pay for the entire board. Hardwoods (as well as molding, baseboards, etc) are sold by linear feet (lf) meaning the price indicated is for one foot of the board.


Types of boards

Common boards or also referred to as “white wood” are usually made of pine, spruce, or fir. Select Pine is an upgraded version of the common boards. Pre-primed pine is the perfect board to use when you intend to paint your project. Construction lumber includes the 2x boards like 2×3, 2×4, 2×6, etc.


Picking boards

Check for bowing, twisting or winding, and cupping. Look for imperfections - knots, dents/damage, cracks, in-grown bark, and splits You want to make sure you get the boards with the least amount of visible imperfections.


How to buy wood

Lumber carts are readily available in all home improvement stores to take your lumber to check out. They can be used for the longer boards as well as plywood sheets


How to get lumber home

You'll need a truck or SUV, but if you don't have one. you can: Have the store cut your lumber to size Get a quick rental from the home improvement store, the price is reasonable

For more on confidently buying lumber for your projects click the link below!