Toddler Table

Convertible DIY Toddler Table and Chair Set

As babies grow, it is essential to help them be independent to gain self-confidence. This is why little toddler tables and chairs are essential to have. They are also called weaning tables in the Montessori world.

It can be converted into many configurations – 27 possible combinations, to be exact!

Toddler Table

Step 1 – Prepare the boards

– Make all the cuts per the cut list in the plans. – Sand the boards.

Step 2 – Edge glue boards

– Edge glue and clamp top boards to build the top. 48″ F-style clamps are perfect for these.

Step 3 – Attach sides

– Attach the side pieces to the top using wood glue and dowel pins.

– To help brace and hold everything together, glue and attach the 2×2 braces through using 2″ wood screws to the back and side edges of the desk piece

Step 4 – Attach the 2×2 braces