Types of PLYWood

Wood is the cornerstone for most DIY projects, but knowing what type you need takes some training. Here's a guide to some types of wood and their many uses.

Plywood is the layering of wood veneer and glue creating a strong wood sheet.

Structural Plywood


This plywood is used in construction for its strong durable quality, but the rough texture makes it poor quality for woodworking projects.

Sanded Plywood


Made with the outer plies being sanded before production. The material can dent easily so it should be avoided for heavily used surfaces.

Hardwood Plywood


Often called cabinet plywood, this wood is made with a finished veneer outer plie for beautiful resulting projects.

Baltic Birch Plywood


Baltic birch is 11-ply or higher and is great for furniture pieces. However, this plywood is fairly expensive and hard to find.



Though not plywood MDF is used in many woodworking projects and DIY projects throughout the home.



Hardboard is very similar to MDF but the board is much thinner. It is a great alternative to plywood for drawer bottoms.

Particle Board


Made from compressed wood chips and resin, this wood is less dense than other options, but it can be fairly fragile as well.



It has a similar composition to particle board, but is much stronger. This wood is typically used in construction of walls and under floors.

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