Don’t Hide Them Here – 8 Worst Places to Hide Spare House Keys

Figuring out where to place a spare house key can be difficult. You don’t want it to be somewhere obvious that could give someone unauthorized access to your home. Here are 8 of the most common and worst places to hide a spare house key.

1. Inside a Fake Rock

flower bed with rocks
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You may think a fake rock is an excellent place to hide a spare house key, but this one is as old as time. Your grandparents and parents did this, and burglars know it. It’s the first place they’ll look for a key to get into your house. No matter how real it looks, a fake rock will stick out like a sore thumb; don’t hide your key in one.

2. Under a Doormat

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Under the doormat is the first place someone will look for a spare house key. It’s another one of those obvious places that people have used for decades. Not to mention, doormats are susceptible to being blown out of place by wind. It’s one of the worst places to hide your spare key.

3. Under a Flower Pot

key under a flower pot
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A flower pot is easy to pick up and move; even when it’s not close to your door, it’s an obvious place to look for a spare key to your home. Your insurance company may not cover losses if they discover you used an unsecured place to hide a key.

4. Inside a Mailbox

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Mailboxes are often targeted for identity theft by thieves. Hiding a spare key in your mailbox would allow them to steal more than just your identity. While it may seem like an inconspicuous hiding spot, it’s one of the first places someone will look.

5. In a Porch Light

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Porch lights next to the door are a poor choice for hiding a spare key. They are a common and easily noticeable location. Most porch lights are made simple in design and can be opened with simple tools, making it easy for a burglar to gain access to your home.

6. Top of the Door

placing a key over the door
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Hiding a spare house key above the door is a common hiding place. It’s easy for anyone to run their hand along your door and find it, making it one of the worst places to hide a spare key. It’s exposed to the elements and may rust over time and could be dislodged by the slamming of the door or even a good storm.

7. In a Plant Pot

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Like under a flower pot, a plant pot is another bad choice to hide a spare key. You may think that hiding it under the potting soil will keep it safe and secure, but a burglar won’t hesitate to dig when looking for a way to access your home easily.

8. Rain Gutter

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While you may think a rain gutter would be the last place someone would look for a key, you’re mistaken. It’s a common hiding place and not a good choice for securing your spare house key. Your key could also be washed out of the gutter with the next rain storm, leaving it even less secured.

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