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Hello! I am Anika Gandhi. 

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I am the creator, DIYer, photographer and voice behind Anika’s DIY Life. 

I started this site in 2016 to encourage and inspire beginner DIYers to create a home infused with their unique personalities by empowering them with the ideas and skills they need. 

My loyal readers and followers come to me for how-to-tutorials on woodworking, home improvement, home decor projects and ideas that can be implemented easily and quickly by busy DIY enthusiasts.

I love supporting companies and products that I love and use and that I believe my readers will love too! I love to showcase your products in the best way to make it shine.

Want to know more? Take a loot at my media kit for more information on reach statistics, features and past collaborations. 

My Channels

The Blog

A blog post is the best way for me to integrate your company message and showcase your products creatively.   

Content on blog offers longevity and continued eyeballs through promotion across all my social channels for years to come. 

All my blog posts are optimized for SEO to ensure lasting organic traffic and include detailed information about the project or process, professional photography to showcase your product, a personal voice, and a special email sent directly to my most loyal readers – my subscribers. 

A collaborative blog post gets shared across all my social channels and when coupled with video content can have a very powerful impact.

Video Content

I create videos to make my content highly informative and also to add a personal touch. It allows me to connect with my viewers on a deeper level and enhance the impact of my influence.

My videos are shared on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to interact and stay in touch with the reader. The casual and fun manner adds a more genuine touch to my recommendations.

Specifically, Instagram and Facebook are a highly effective way to reach and engage with my audience and put your product or service in front of their eyes and increase brand awareness. 

I also have a highly engaged audience on Pinterest. Over time I have developed graphic styles that garner a lot of attention resulting click through to the articles.

I promote all my collaborative posts across all my social channels. 

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