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Practical tutorials to help you make stuff without messing up, getting stuck, or having to start all over again.

Anika Gandhi in her workshop

Hi! I am Anika!

I use simple techniques and minimal tools to help aspiring DIYers like you make professional-looking projects, even if you’re starting.

Ever had to abandon a wall-mounted shelf because you didn’t understand your drill?

Scrolled through hours of YouTube videos and felt like the instructor skipped a few steps?

Wandered around the lumber department hoping for an employee to come to your rescue… but not exactly knowing what to ask once they get there? 

Yeah. Me neither. 😉

As a self-taught woodworker with a gift for teaching, I am here to tell you—

Woodworking does not have to be overwhelming, complicated, or expensive. In fact, you can fill an entire home with original pieces just by mastering the features & functions of your power tools and learning a few foundational woodworking techniques.

Literally, everything you can make starts right there.

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Looking for a tutorial?

Anika using a miter saw


Jargon-free, beginner-friendly video course to help you conquer your tool fears and transform yourself into a confident, creative DIYer.

Let’s turn those “what ifs” into “look what I made!”


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Mastering Pocket Holes

What is a pocket hole, and WHY didn’t anyone tell me about them?

Pocket holes help you create strong joints without expensive tools and complicated techniques and make you feel like a woodworking badass!

Learn more about them in this FREE workshop!

Anika attaching boards with pocket hole screws