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Anika Gandhi in her workshop

Hi! I Am Anika!

I am an engineer turned woodworker and I use simple techniques and minimal tools to help aspiring DIYers like you make professional-looking projects, even if you’re starting.

Ever had to abandon a wall-mounted shelf because you didn’t understand your drill?

Scrolled through hours of YouTube videos and felt like the instructor skipped a few steps?

Wandered around the lumber department hoping for an employee to come to your rescue… but not exactly knowing what to ask once they get there? 

Yeah. Me neither. 😉

As a self-taught woodworker with a gift for teaching, I am here to tell you—

Woodworking does not have to be overwhelming, complicated, or expensive. In fact, you can fill an entire home with original pieces just by mastering the features & functions of your power tools and learning a few foundational woodworking techniques.

Literally, everything you can make starts right there.

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Using power tools doesn’t have to be intimidating.

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I have you covered!

Inside Power Tools Simplified, I break down all the basics you need to know about the SIX essential beginner power tools.

Combine these with the BONUS guides, and you will confidently shop for lumber and build your own projects in no time!

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