DIY 2×4 Bench – How to Make an Indoor/Outdoor Bench

This DIY 2×4 bench is super easy and quick to make and is easy on the budget! It uses 2×4 lumber and can be used as an outdoor bench or indoor bench. Learn how to build this easy 2×4 bench with step by step plans and video tutorial.Indoor DIY 2x4 bench in entryway with text overlay

This DIY 2×4 bench is so versatile!

Not only is it great for many places in the home, but it also makes the perfect bench for the backyard or outdoors…
DIY 2x4 bench outdoors on the grass

It is a spin-off of one of my most popular builds – the upholstered X-leg bench which still sits at the end of our bed and we love it very much! DIY upholstered X-leg bench made with 2x4 boards as an end of the bed bench.

I mentioned in my initial post about it being easy to switch out the top and build a slatted one. I have gotten a few requests and questions on how to do that.

Plus, I needed to make something to donate to my daughter’s school auction. I decided it was the perfect time to rebuild the bench in the new configuration and also record a video to hopefully answer any of the questions you might have! Also, isn’t it awesome that this bench uses just 3 boards of 8′ long 2x4s? How economical is that?!

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Tools and Hardware Needed to Build the 2×4 Bench-

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How to Build an Easy 2×4 Bench

The plans show you step by step how to build this 2×4 bench step by step. It even splits it up into both versions – the upholstered and the slatted one so you can pick what you like. Or build one of each!

Building this bench is super easy! It took me about 45 minutes to make all the cuts and pocket holes and then just over an hour to put it all together.

The only tricky part for a beginner here would be getting the angles cut right so they all lineup. Watch the video carefully to see the little tricks I use to get everything working perfectly.

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Also, I assembled one of the X-legs live on Facebook. Watch that and if you have any questions, just leave them for me there and I will answer them all! pssstt… while you are there, make sure to like the page!

It is no secret, but if you are new around here, you know I love X-legs… they are so simple and yet add personality to a piece of furniture.Close up of DIY 2x4 bench used indoors in an entryway.

I had to give this one away… it was pretty popular at the auction by the way. But I think that patch of grass is the perfect spot for it and I need to build one more! DIY 2x4 x-leg bench outdoors on the grass.

Don’t forget to grab the plans here.

If you build this bench please do share a picture with me! I love seeing all the amazing variations of my designs! Email me ( or tag  me on Instagram!

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Outdoor DIY 2x4 bench in grass, with schematic plans and text overlay.

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  3. This is very nice indeed 🙂 I love the readers’ projects too. It shows how many variations of this simple project you can come up with. I may give it a go as well but instead 2x4s on top I’d use some pallet wood I have laying around. Thanks for the plans as well as the video that would definitely make it easier. Thank you for sharing Anika!

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  4. Pinned it for later. Thanks for sharing your plans. The bench looks beautiful. #craftyweekends

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