DIY Easy Wire Basket Lampshade

A super easy and quick fix to modernize those outdated light fixtures. See how I updated this old light using a DIY wire basket lampshade!

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Super easy wood valence and wire basket lampshade for kids bathroom makeover.

There is one last simple tutorial left as part of the Kids rental bathroom update – the wire basket lampshade.

Here’s a look at the original view.The original was a dated light fixture from the 60’s. The light doesn’t look too bad next to the pink blinds but there was no way I was going to leave it as is. Kids bathroom makeover in a rental space

I was inspired by my friend Toni’s hanging basket light and created this simple solution.

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Materials Needed to Make the Easy Wire Basket Lampshade-

How to Make a Wire Basket Lamp Shade –

Step 1 – Carefully remove the lampshade from its socket and measure and mark the wires you need to cut to create the opening. I had go back and forth as I cut to make sure I got the right spots. add a wire basket to the light fixture. Unique lampshade

Step 2 – Cut using the bolt cutter or wire cutter.An easy and quick update to old light fixtures using a wire basket

Step 3 – Hold it to the light fixture and screw back the old lampshade. The wire basket just rests on the old lamp shade. Super easy way to update old lampshades using a wire basket

The  wire basket lamp shade is ready! A super easy and quick fix for those outdated light fixtures. Make a wire basket lamp shade

pin it buttonA super easy and quick fix for those outdated light fixtures. Make a wire basket lamp shade

Wasn’t this an easy update? That wood valence on the window was super easy to make too. Check out the full wood valence tutorial – 

You won't believe how easy it is to make this DIY wood valence

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DIY Towel hooks and floating shelf for kids rental bathroom makeover.

And my favorite update of all… the Faux marble countertop updateContact paper to cover up old ugly bathroom counter

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  1. Clever, Cute and Colorful …you got the 3 C’s in your wire basket lamp shade. Love it!

    1. Thanks Debbie!!! And I love the idea of the 3C’s 🙂

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