DIY Sliding Barn Door Cabinet With Drawers

How to build your own multifunctional DIY sliding barn door cabinet with drawers. It adds the perfect storage to any room. Includes DIY barn door hardware.

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Yes! I finally got on the trend of the DIY Sliding barn door cabinet!

I have a space in my office which has been desperately begging for a storage cabinet.

Oh! And also, all my craft supplies have been looking for one too!

The shelves can hold larger items.DIY sliding barn door cabinet with door open to show shelves.

But I am so happy to finally have drawers to organize all the little things!Close up pf open drawers in the DIY sliding barn door cabinet with drawers

I also made it with a bottom rack to hold my cutting boards, poster boards, and photography backgrounds.

Yes, I am using it in my office for craft storage but it can be easily used in any space! It will make a great console table for the living room or a buffet for the dining room!

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How to Build the DIY Sliding Barn Door Cabinet

You can access the plans for this barn door cabinet with drawers on

Here, I am sharing a few tips and tricks to build this cabinet.

Building the Frame –

The cabinet frame itself is pretty straightforward to build. The key is to keep everything square and level as with any build. Measure twice, cut once! I ended up having to waste half a sheet of plywood… I hope you don’t make the same mistake!

Adding Shelf Pin Holes

I really wanted to have adjustable shelves for this cabinet so I used the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig to make the shelf pin holes. Watch the jig in action here. Using a shelf pin jig to make shelf pin holes for the cabinet

Attaching the Drawers –

I am always a bit nervous about mounting the drawers to the cabinet. I always juggle the level, a scrap piece of straight edge while trying to get everything aligned.

NO MORE! The Kreg Drawer slide jig made it so easy!

I measured the height where I wanted to mount the drawer slide and clamped the drawer slide jig. Then I simply rested the drawer slide on it and screwed it in. The edge of the jig automatically makes everything level.Using the kreg drawer slide jig to attach the drawer slide

To attach the drawer to the drawer slide, I rested the drawer on the jig while still clamped and extended the drawer slide to attach it! And done! Attaching the drawer to the drawer slides using the Kreg drawer slide jig. Great review!

Building the Door –

Originally, I had designed a simple planked door. But when I finished building the cabinet and tried it on, I felt like it was too plain. So I decided to pick up a few leftover scraps to create a 3D effect on the door.

Also, I love that it adds a modern spin to the cabinet! Adding scraps to the barn door to make it modern and 3-D

DIY Barn Door Hardware –

After suffering through the sticker shock of pricing for barn door hardware, I decided to make my own following the amazing tutorial by Shanty 2 ChicPainting DIY barn door hardware.

I followed their tutorial exactly except for one change – I used 2½” hex crews and added an extra ½” spacer to keep the door from sliding off the rails.

I also add a 1″ spacer with a 2″ Spax screw in the middle of the aluminum bar for added support. I painted all the hardware with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.How to make DIY Barn Door Hardware

DIY Door Pull

Once I decided to go with a modern look for the door, I just couldn’t find a door pull that worked with my vision… until I realized, I could make my own!

And match the barn door hardware too!

So I added a 1″x2″ board across the door and added a piece of the leftover aluminum bar to make a door pull!How to make DIY Barn door hardware

DIY Sliding Barn Door Cabinet Finish

I decided to go with a 2 tone finish. I painted the cabinet in a soft pink (Pink Shadow by Sherwin Williams) and stained the top in General Finishes Java. Then I gave it all a few coats of polyurethane.

I just have to say… I am in love with this cabinet in my office space! The color scheme I am going for is aqua, pink and brown and it fits right in!

But of course, if pink is not your thing, you could totally paint or stain it any color you like!


DIY Sliding Barn Door cabinet painted pink with stained top

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