Easy No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Make no-sew drop cloth curtains with this easy step by step tutorial. Transform your home on a budget with this easy and quick DIY home decor project.

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Easy no-sew drop cloth curtains in bathroom

This no-sew drop cloth curtains tutorial comes to you from Rachel of Joyful Derivatives. You know I will take everything no-sew any day! And I love how easy these curtains are! And look at how gorgeous her bathroom is!

Here is Rachel –

No-sew drop cloth curtains

Drop cloths are a fantastic option for DIY fabric projects – not only are they durable and affordable, but their neutral color makes them really stylish too!

I am a huge fan of the farmhouse style, and making curtains out of drop cloths seemed like the perfect way to add a bit of soft texture to our farmhouse master bathroom.

I’ve had this project on my to-do list for quite some time, and I’m so glad I finally got it done!

These curtains add a ton of style (not-to-mention PRIVACY) to our bathroom and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.View of No-sew drop cloth curtains in bathroom.

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Materials needed for DIY drop cloth curtains-

Materials needed to make easy no-sew drop cloth curtains

How to make no-sew drop cloth curtains

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating ONE curtain panel – for most windows, you’ll want two panels – so just repeat the steps for your second one. 🙂

Step 1: Measure your window.

The first step to making your no-sew drop cloth curtains is measuring your window. Use your flexible tape measure to make note of how wide and tall your window is – we’ll use these dimensions in later steps to make your curtains the right size.measuring the size of window for no-sew drop cloth curtains

Step 2: Cut your drop cloth to size.

One of the best parts about using drop cloths for your fabric is the fact that they come with nicely hemmed sides!

Take advantage of that, and measure off of one corner (leaving two sizes with the hemmed edges) the height of your window plus 1″ and half the width of your window plus 1-6″. You’re leaving at least 1″ on each end to allow for hemming the unfinished sides.

My window was 44″ tall, so I cut the height at 45″. I also bought a drop cloth that was 5′ wide, with my window being around 4′ wide, so I just cut my drop cloth in half and used that as my width.measuring and marking drop cloth for no-sew curtains

How to cut drop cloth curtains

Step 3: Hem the sides.

Using your instant hem tape, hem the two unfinished edges. Do this by applying the tape to the unfinished hem, pulling the tape off and folding over to adhere.Attaching hem tape to make no-sew drop cloth curtainsfolding fabric on hem tape to make no-sew drop cloth curtains

Step 4: Make the rod pocket.

Using your leftover drop cloth material from your initial panel, cut another strip of fabric the width of your panel by 6″ tall and hem the edges.Drop cloth needed to make the rod pocket

Next, cut and adhere 2″ strips of your instant hem tape with 2-4″ gaps between them all along the top of your panel and the bottom of your small extra fabric strip.

Leaving gaps between the strips will allow your curtain panels to fold and bunch nicely when on the rod.Where to attach rod pocket for the no-sew curtain rods

Lastly, place your small fabric strip face-down on the top to create your curtain rod pocket.rod pocket for the no-sew drop cloth curtains

And that’s it! Like I mentioned before, you’ll need to make the second panel just the same way. 🙂

I put my finished DIY no sew drop cloth curtains on a simple tension rod in our master bathroom.Full view of the no-sew drop cloth curtain in the bathroom

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Anika for allowing me to share this tutorial with you!

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I hope you have fun with this one, and let me know if you have any questions!

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