How to Make a Stenciled DIY Cork Board

Make a gorgeous DIY cork board with a roll of cork and scrap wood with this full tutorial with pictures. The framed bulletin board is perfect for any room! Add fun, color, and function with this easy stenciled cork board!

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This DIY cork board is the newest addition to my office space!

If you have been following along, I have been slowly sprucing up my office/craft room and making it more organized and functional.

It started with a DIY desk and a whole bunch of small scrap wood projects including the craft paint organizer. Most recently, I added much-needed storage with my barn door storage cabinet.

Now, I turned my attention to the stack of sticky notes and papers on my desk.

The problem with stacks is, sometimes, things get lost. You don’t see them when you need them. I wanted a bulletin board to be able to put them up. Also, the wall space above my computer was begging for something too!DIY cork bulletin board on gallery wall of creative office

Now, I have the perfect solution! And the best part, for me, I used all scrap wood so the cost was only that of the cork board roll! But if you had to buy everything to make one, you could still do it under $20! Not bad for a custom giant cork bulletin board!

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Materials Needed for DIY Stenciled Cork Board –

Materials needed for making the DIY cork bulletin board

How to Make a Framed DIY Cork Board –

Step 1 – Start by cutting the plywood and/or corkboard roll to the size you need. Also, cut the 1×2 boards to the size you need based on the size of the plywood.

Step 2 – Using spray adhesive, attach the cork board roll to the plywood. Be very careful, because the cork can tend to crack and break easily.Attaching corkboard roll to plywood using spray adhesive for a DIY cork bulletin board

Step 3 – The edges kept rolling up on me and were hard to manage so, I used a little bit of hot glue to hold them down.Using hot glue to glue edges of cork roll for DIY cork bulletin board

Step 4 – Time to stencil. Using stencil adhesive, lay down the stencil on the cork board and apply paint using a foam pouncer. Remember, less is more when it comes to the amount of paint on the pouncer.Stenciling the DIY cork bulletin board

Once, one design is done, carefully peel the stencil off. After about 5 mins for the paint to dry, place it back for the next design and continue.Peeling off stencil from the DIY cork bulletin board

I went with pink and aqua – the color scheme in my office – and added the design in various sizes in pink and aqua across half of the DIY cork board.

Step 5  – Stain or paint 1×2 boards per your choice and attach to the plywood using wood glue and finish nails. I also added a little bit of paint on the edges of the frame to tie it in with the stenciled design.

Painting edges of the cork bulletin board with craft paint

That’s it! Hang up the DIY cork bulletin board!

I am so happy to have a spot to pin up things and also, most importantly, it looks so pretty!Side view of the DIY cork bulletin board in a gallery wall


Collage of how to make a cork bulletin board

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  1. I love this idea, sooooo beautiful, and yet, very practical. Thank you!

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    1. Thak you Judy! Have fun making it!! 🙂

  3. Avril from Dearlives says:

    Very like this cork board. I will make it.

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    So cute! Every girls dream. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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