DIY Wooden Snowman

Make an easy DIY Wooden snowman using 4×4 blocks with this easy step by step tutorial. Makes a great winter wood craft project!

Wood block snowman in front of little Christmas tree


This wood block snowman has been on my to-make list forever!

Ever since I made the wood block pumpkins, I wanted to modify it and make a snowman…

The best part about this snowman – it will never melt!!

Plus…. it really is the ONLY way we can actually build a snowman in Southern California…HA!

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Material Needed –

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How to Make the Wooden Snowman-

Watch how to make this snowman with this quick two and a half minute video.

I also have all the instructions listed below.

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Tutorial –

Step 1 – Make the Cuts

  • Cut the 4×4 board into 3 pieces. I mostly eyeballed the sizes – 2 short pieces and 1 longer piece for the body.
Cutting 4x4 into 3 pieces for DIY wood block snowman.

Important – Be sure to sand the wood blocks to make sure there are no splinters.

Step 2 – Stain/paint it

This is where you have the option to make it look distressed or paint it pure white. I decided to make it distressed for some added character.

  • Start by putting down a dark base color.
  • You can use paint or stain. I used Ebony by Varathane since I already had that on hand.
  • Once the stain dries, paint the blocks white. Be sure to paint all sides and the tops.
Staining and Painting the wood blocks


Step 3 – Distress

Distressing the wood block snowman blocks

Step 4 – Add Snowman Features

  • Draw or paint the face on one of the shorter pieces. I used a black sharpie for the eyes and orange paint for the nose.
  • Hot glue buttons to the long “body” block.
Painting orange nose on DIY wood block snowman
Hot glueing buttons on wood block snowman

Step 6 – Add a hat and ribbon

  • Glue a doll hat on the head and tie a plaid ribbon around the neck and the snowman is all dressed up and ready to sit on your mantle or front porch!
DIY Wood block snowman in front of Christmas tree and shrubs

Isn’t he the cutest?!

Close up look at the DIY wood block snowman


He will look perfect on a mantle or the front porch or even next to a fireplace!! Where will you put him?

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  1. Super cute – thinking of making this tomorrow!

  2. I love snowman crafts! They are so fun with so many different ways to make them. Yours is adorable!

  3. You’re snowman is really cute, love the 3 stacked block. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love snowmen. This would be a great project to make with my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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