23 Easy Scrap Wood Christmas Projects

Turn your scrap wood into Christmas decor today with these simple yet beautiful Christmas woodworking project ideas!

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We all have that problem. The pile of scrap wood that keeps growing!

I think one of my favorite types of projects are scrap wood projects. They not only cost $0, they also free up space in your “storage area”. Plus, they are usually simple and quick to make as well!

This Holiday season, why not turn that pile of scrap wood into beautiful Christmas decor and gifts with these ideas!

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Christmas woodworking project Ideas

From ornaments to stocking holders to pretty little trees – we’ve got loads of inspiration for you!

1. DIY Plywood Christmas Trees

DIY wood Christmas trees standing up in a yard.

I had so much fun making these 3-D DIY wooden Christmas trees! They are easy to make from scrap plywood and then customized with fun colors and extra details. they are perfect for outdoor yard decor, as a centerpiece, or even on the mantle!

2. Wood Block Santa

wood block Santa by the tree with presents

I LOVE this wood block Santa! He is a take-off of my DIY wood pumpkins and my wood block snowman. This DIY Santa is easy to make using scrap 4X4s. Add some cotton balls for a fluffy beard and he is the perfect piece of holiday decor for the season!

3. DIY Christmas Village Using Scrap Wood

DIY wood Christmas village made from scrap wood

This bright and happy Christmas village is an easy project! You can customize them in any color and they are great to display on a mantle. A little glue and paint can turn simple cut-offs of boards into a pretty holiday village!

4. DIY Wood Block Snowman

Wooden snowman made from scrap wood

This snowman is the perfect winter decor project to last all season long. If you have some 4×4 pieces leftover, give it some love with paint and accessories to make a snowman that will never melt! You could even make a family of snowmen.

5. Christmas Ornament Tree from Brooklyn Berry Designs

Scrap wood triangles as Christmas trees with colorful ornaments hanging from them

Add some color to your Christmas this year! I love these simple triangles made from scrap wood. You could stain them, leave them natural or even paint them. They are the perfect minimalist tree to hang extra Christmas ornaments from and can be made in any size! They would look great as a centerpiece on your holiday table.

6. Repurposed Old Road Map Scrap Wood Trees from Pillar Box Blue

Triangle shaped scrap wood as Christmas trees with maps decoupaged onto them

Simple triangles and old maps are all you need to make these unique Christmas decorations. Personalize these scrap wood trees with maps of places that have meaning for you and your family.

7. Christmas Tree Forest from Scrap Wood from Crafted by the Hunts

Scrap wood cut into the shape of Christmas trees and stained

Another fun scrap wood Christmas tree project! Build your own scrap wood Christmas tree forest! Simple triangles make the perfect Christmas tree for the holiday season and beyond. This time, stain them for a more modern rustic look.


8. DIY Burnt Scrap Wood Trees from Green With Decor

Scrap wood triangles put together as Christmas trees laying with red berry twigs and silver ornaments

Sometimes the heavens align and you end up with triangle scrap pieces from your projects. What better way to use up those scraps than the make these cute Christmas trees! They make the perfect Christmas ornament. I have recently enjoyed working with my blowtorches to create the burnt look! These triangle scraps torched with a heat gun make the cutest rustic trees.

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9. Scrap Molding Christmas Tree from Build Craft Love

Wood Christmas tree made from scrap molding

Do you have scrap molding that the cuts just didn’t line up? This is the perfect way to use them! These 45 degree angles are easy to cut and they make a fabulous Christmas tree for the holiday season.

10. DIY Stocking Hanger Box from Jaime Costiglio

scrap wood boxes with small evergreen trees in them with boat cleats to hang stockings on

Keep from ruining your pretty mantle by using up that scrap wood to make these DIY Christmas stocking hanger boxes. The sailboat cleats are perfect for hanging a stocking and give these stocking hanger boxes a coastal feel. I love the addition of greenery!

11. DIY Christmas Stocking Holder from ToolBox Divas

Scrap wood stocking holder with white Christmas tree on it

Stocking holders are the best thing to have when you don’t want to put holes in your mantle. Use scrap wood and Christmas ornaments you already have to make this stocking holder! Be sure to use boards that are at least an inch thick and a simple hook to hang your stockings from.

12. DIY Christmas Lantern Post from Woodshop Diaries

Scrap wood stocking light pole next to a lighted Christmas tree

Lamp posts decorated in seasonal greenery always make us think of Christmas. Turn scrap wood into a lamp post that holds all the dreams and stockings with this simple idea. Add Christmas lights and light up Christmas morning with this scrap wood Christmas project idea.


13. Wooden Nesting Gnomes from Ruffles and Rainboots

6 gnomes made with scrap wood

We are digging this one! When I see gnomes it always makes me think of Christmas. This little DIY Christmas gnome family nests one inside the other and you can make them in about 30 minutes using scrap wood and other supplies you probably already have on hand.

14. DIY Scrap Wood Snowman Family from Salvaged Living

Scrap wood snowman family

Does Christmas decor get any cuter?! This little DIY Christmas scrap wood snowman family, made from landscape timber, will make you smile every time you see it! Accessorize them with nuts and bolts and screws and anything you can find in your junk drawer.

15. Santas and Trees from Scrap 2×4 Blocks from The Kim Six Fix

2 triangle scrap wood trees and a triangle scrap wood santa

2x4s cut into triangles with a little bit of added paint make these Santas and Christmas trees an easy fun project. The busy holiday season doesn’t always leave a lot of time for making your own decor so keep it simple with this tutorial.

16. Gnome Porch Sign from Ruffles and Rainboots

3 gnomes with red and black santa hats made on scrap wood

This easy scrap wood project is a great way to greet family and friends during the holiday season. You can cut out the gnomes using a scrolll saw, but if you don’t have one a jig saw will work just fine. Make your own Gnome Sweet Gnome sign with the full tutorial.

17. Christmas Farmhouse Signs from Scrap Wood from DIY Beautify

small scrap wood signs with holiday sayings

Made from scrap pieces of Timberchic wood, these DIY Christmas signs make great ornaments to hang on your tree, or anywhere else you want to add a little Christmas cheer. Join two of the pieces of peel and stick wood together or use regular wood flooring and glue them together for a finished look. Add your favorite sayings and they’re done!

18. DIY Advent Calendar from The Inspired Workshop

hanging advent calendar made from scrap wood

Forget those throwaway advent calendars! This advent calendar is made from scrap plywood and scrap 1x2s and has a reverse side for when the countdown is over! You will be able to use this Christmas decor idea for years to come with this tutorial.

19. Sparkly Small Christmas Wood Signs from Girl, Just DIY

square scrap wood signs with holiday sayings

Cut to 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches these scrap wood Christmas signs can be made using a Cricut or Silhouette. If you’re good at writing in script, you could even free-hand your sayings. Scrap wood and glitter, there is no better way to use up scrap wood for the holiday season in my opinion.

20. Reclaimed Wood and Steel Christmas Sign from Houseful of Handmade

Joy to the world on metal mounted on scrap wood

Make this reclaimed wood and steel Christmas decor project with just a few straight cuts. You could even use pallet wood or new wood and stain and distress it. 1X3 boards are used to brace the back and keep it sturdy.

21. DIY Tree CutOut Art from The Ugly Duckling House

cut out Christamas tree made from scrap wood in a frame

The use of negative and positive space makes this piece of scrap wood holiday decor unique! This cute little tree cutout art is a simple scroll saw project with scrap plywood and a few 1x2s!


22. DIY Christmas Place Card Holders from Harbour Breeze Home

square scrap wood block with plaid ribbon and name card on a place setting

This project will help you add the perfect touch to Holiday dinner while also using up those leftover 2×4 end pieces you have in your scrap wood pile. Stain your blocks and add festive ribbon and greenery for the perfect holiday place setting.

23. Scrap Wood Candy Ornaments from Jaime Costiglio

candy ornaments made from scrap dowels in bright pink, blue and green

We saved the best for last! Yes, these are made from scrap wood! They look good enough to eat! Washi tape makes great stripes and dowels make the perfect lollipop sticks. Add in some paint and cellophane and these scrap wood candy ornaments are ready for your tree!

What do you think? Are you ready to attach that scrap wood pile and create the perfect decor for your home this Holiday season?

I can’t wait to see what you make!


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