How to Make Infusible Ink Coasters With Cricut

Learn how to make professional-looking ceramic coasters with your Cricut. Here’s the detailed tutorial and tips for making Cricut Infusible Ink Coasters.

Infusible ink coasters on table with text overlay


Cricut infusible ink is like magic!

I love the professional look you get on everything you use it on.

I have made t-shirts, bags, mugs, and caps!

I am really excited to try making coasters with them.

We need some personalized coasters in our house to keep track of the water cups. Even though we each use a cup throughout the day, they have been getting mixed up.

The solution – personalized coasters.

What better way to make them than to use the Cricut Infusible Ink coasters?

Of course, these make the perfect personalized gift for any occasion as well!

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Supplies Needed

How to Make Infusible Ink Coastes

Step 1: Design the coasters

  • Create your design for your coaster in Design Space. Read my full guide to the Design Space here.
    • You can use existing designs by searching for “coasters”, or
    • You can make your own designs as I did. The coasters are 3.5″ x 3.5″ so be sure to draw a circle and use that as a template to fit your design into.

To make my coaster design:

  • I used the monogram maker for the designs since I was going for personalized coasters with initials.
  • I centered the monogram within each circle
  • Changed the colors for each coaster to be unique – so they are made on their own separate transfer sheets. You can skip this if you are using the same sheet for all the coasters.
  • “Attach” each circle to the monogram.
screenshot of design space with coaster designs

Step 2: Cut the design

Insert into the Cricut machine and let it do its thing and cut the design!

Cricut machine cutting infusible ink

Step 3: Weed the design

  • Carefully remove the negative space from the backing.
woman weeding the infusible ink coaster transfer sheet

Note: Try your best to weed the design using your fingers. To do this, bend the paper and peel off the little pieces.
If you do end up having to use a weeding tool for really tiny pieces, be very careful to not damage the transfer sheet.

Step 4: Clean the Coasters

I am using the round ceramic coasters. These have two sides –

  • the beige rough side
  • the shiny white side.

The shiny white side is the top where you want to transfer the design.

If you are using the square coasters, one side has a cork backing.

Clean the coasters with rubbing alcohol and wipe down with a lint-free cloth to get all the oils and residues from touching the coasters off. This helps in getting the best transfers.

cleaning the infusible ink compatible ceramic coaster with alcohol

Step 5: Set up for the transfer

If you are using the EasyPress 3 like me, you can easily pick your materials in the Cricut Heat app and the machine will set it up for you.

  • Attach the transfer sheet to the coaster using heat-resistant tape. Be sure to have the ink side facing down and center the design.
attaching the infusible ink sheet to the coaster

Set up the material in the following order:

  1. EasyPress mat. This is highly recommended – in fact it is mandatory. The mat holds heat and helps in making it possible to get a good quality transfer.
  2. White cardstock. This protects the EasyPress mat from the ink that may leak through.
  3. Coaster with transfer sheet attached face down. That’s right… it needs to be face down.
  4. Butcher paper.
stacking up the coaster for transfer

Step 6: Apply the transfer.

Once the EasyPress machine is ready, go ahead and place it onto your stack of material and hit “play”.

applying heat transfer using EasyPress

Once the countdown timer finishes, move the EasyPress off.

Do not touch the coaster with your bare fingers. It is going to be extremely hot.

Allow for the coaster to completely cool down. You can slide off the EasyPress mat from under it slowly to help it cool faster because the EasyPress mat holds heat. However, make sure that you have a heat-resistant surface underneath.

If you need to make multiple projects, you can use oven mitts to move the coasters. but remember, they are HOT!

Since I am using 12×12 EasyPress 3, I was able to fit 2 coasters at a time under it.

Once cool, slowly peel back the transfer sheet, and DONE!

Removing infusible ink sheet from coaster

The vibrant colors and the beautiful gloss give them the perfect professional finish.

Infusible ink coasters on a table

Every time I use infusible ink in a project, I am absolutely blown away by the finish. I mean, I know what is going to happen but I still fall in love with it every time!

close up of infusible ink coaster

I made one coaster for each member of the family. Here’s to hoping that will get the water cup situation under control.

infusible ink coasters with cup on table

If you are making them as a gift, you can easily pack them with a ribbon, and you are done!

Learn how to make professional-looking ceramic coasters with your Cricut. Here's the detailed tutorial and tips for making Cricut Infusible Ink Coasters.

How to Make Infusible Ink Coasters with Cricut

Yield: 4 personalized coasters

Learn how to make professional-looking ceramic coasters - get the detailed tutorial & tips for making Cricut Infusible Ink Coasters.


  1. Create the design for your coaster in Design Space.
  2. Cut your design using the fine point blade. Make sure to MIRROR your design.
  3. Weed the design. Do your best to use your fingers so as not to damage the transfer sheet.
  4. Clean the coasters with alcohol and wipe with a lint-free cloth.
  5. Heat up your Easy Press to 400F for 240 seconds.
  6. Attach the transfer sheet to the coaster using heat-resistant tape. Be sure to have the ink side facing down and center the design.
  7. Once the easy press reaches temperature, apply the transfer. Remove from the easy press mat carefully to allow to cool. Do not touch the coaster as it will be HOT!!
  8. Once it's cool, remove the transfer tape and it's done!

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