These DIY interchangeable seasonal wreath ideas will help save money while decorating for the holidays. Update ONE grapevine wreath for under $15 each time!

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Seasonal wreaths are all the rage and it is so much fun to change them out every season but there are so many reasons why you wouldn’t want to make or buy a new wreath every season!

Why a DIY Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath

  • Cost – making or buying a new wreath every season can get very expensive very fast!
  • Storage – wreaths take up a lot of space. And if I had to store every single wreath I make, it would need a whole closet full by now!
  • Recycle – Why create more when you can recycle.
  • It is fun – reimagining a wreath into various seasons is a fun challenge!

That is the reason I decided to on a project to take one grapevine wreath and turn it into an interchangeable wreath for every season!

Plus, I wanted to keep the price for every repurpose under $15.

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Where to Find Cheap Wreath Making Supplies

  • Dollar Store – This is my absolute favorite place to look for supplies. Plus of course, it doesn’t get cheaper than this. They have great seasonal options you can use to create your wreaths. I have also found colored burlap and pretty ribbon there!
  • Craft stores – Hobby Lobby,  Joann and Michaels are my favorite. I love picking up little seasonal items to use in the wreaths
  • Target Dollar Spot – I love that I can sometimes find really chic looking seasonal items there!
  • Craft closet – I love to repurpose and reuse supplies and save every little scrap fabric or ribbon or decor item! You don’t always need a lot of something to give your wreath a special touch!

How to Make an Interchangeable Seasonal Wreath

1. Pick the Basic Form

There are various versions of wreath forms available ranging from foam, grapevine, straw or wire.

Since you will be reimagining this form every season, be sure to pick one that you love and expect to go with your decor no matter the season.

I picked a grapevine wreath because I kinda liked the rustic feel and the fact that it is not perfect.

2. Pick Something to Wrap the Wreath In

This is the time to bring in the season!

The wrapping material can be anything really – fabric, ribbon, yarn, string… your choice!

I used various seasonal ribbons and strings across the seasons. Sometimes, you don’t even have to wrap it!!

3. Add Seasonal Accessories and Decor

Add your favorite seasonal accessories. This is the fun part and you can totally let your imagination run wild!

Be sure to check your craft closet for items you might already have or make little crafts to decorate the wreath!

4. Hang It Up!

My blank canvas was a grapevine wreath which costs under $10 and every season, I repurposed it using easy to find supplies from the dollar store, craft store or my own craft closet. I totally succeeded in my mission and was able to keep most of them below $5 and some of them even turned out for free as I used supplies I already had!

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