22 Creative DIY Wooden Pumpkin Ideas

Turn your scrap wood or pallet woodpile into wooden pumpkin decor this fall with these amazing DIY wooden pumpkin ideas!

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Raise your hand if you like to decorate your home for fall!

Now, raise your hand if you would like to do it on a budget.

I mean what can be better than making decorations out of scrap wood!

There are many other reasons, you might want to make fall decor using your scrap woodpile

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Why Wooden Pumpkins –

  • Use up scrap wood
  • Re-use them every year
  • Save money!
  • No more rotting vegetable on your doorstep.

But scrap wood is not the only thing you need to make wooden pumpkins.

Material Choices for Wooden Pumpkins

  • Scrap wood
  • Pallets
  • Tree stumps
  • Paint sticks
  • Wood slices

You can even add all sorts of decorations on the pumpkins with cloth, pompoms, paint, etc.

Below is a collection of a few creative pumpkins made using wood.

1. 3D Plywood Pumpkins by Anika’s DIY Life

Five DIY plywood pumpkins sitting on the steps of the front porch

Real pumpkins are great, but they don’t always last all season long, especially after we carve them for Halloween.

These easy-to-make wooden pumpkins are made from plywood. Leave them natural or paint them in any color you want. AND, they fold away for easy storage when the season is over!

DIY Wood Block Pumpkins

Wood blocks are super easy to transform into pumpkins. You can easily use up those awkward sizes of 4×4 or 2×2 pieces leftover from projects. Just add paint and a little twig or screw-on top for the stem!

2. DIY Wood Block Pumpkins by Anika’s DIY Life

DIY wooden pumpkins made using 4x4 wood.

These easy DIY 4×4 wood pumpkins are super easy to make! All you need is a little paint and a bolt. It would make fun kids project too!


3. Stenciled Scrap Lumber Block Pumpkins by The Kim Six Fix

wooden blocks painted red with letters stenciled to read

Simple stenciled wood block pumpkins that immediately make you think fall!

4. 30 Minute DIY Wooden Block Pumpkins from Toolbox Divas

2 orange and 1 white scrapwood pumpkin made from 1x6

Mix it up with white and orange paint on scrap 1×6 to make these easy scrap wood pumpkins.

5. Scrap Wood Pumpkins by Re-fabbed

Rustic painted wood pumpkins in white and orange.

Got old plinth blocks and scrap wood? Just add paint and done!

6. Scrap Wood Pumpkins From 4×4 by That’s My Letter

orange wood pumpkins sitting in a row

Pumpkins made from 4x4s make the perfect pumpkin patch for fall.

7. Junk Drawer Pumpkins by Diva of DIY

Pumpkins decorated using old knobs, pulls and screws

Buttons, drawer pulls, door knobs. What do you have in your junk drawer to decorate your pumpkin?

Pumpkins Made From Scrap Wood

If you are looking to use up some leftover scrap wood, you can easily arrange them together to create simple pumpkins!

8. Easy DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins by Sawdust Sisters

DIY scrap wood pumpkins using 2x4 wood

Make a few cute wooden pumpkins using scrap 2×4 wood. I love the addition of the sisal bow on top for the added rustic flair.

9. Rustic Wooden Pumpkins by Hearth & Vine

Easy Rustic pumpkins on a mantle.

Seriously, you can use any size of wood you want and add a gorgeous painted effect for eye-stopping fall decor!

10. Farmhouse Style Scrap Wood Pumpkins by Do Dodson Designs

pallet pumpkins! - check out 20 other ways to create wood pumpkins!

Easy DIY rustic pumpkins are super easy to make with a little stack of scrap wood!

Pumpkins Made From Pallet Wood

Pallet wood makes a great material to make pumpkins! Just cut them to size and add a backing. A little paint can completely transform the rustic old pallet into beautiful fall decor!

11. Rustic Pumpkin Stand by Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Wood pumpkin with small box in front for treats.

I love this easy project using wooden fences to make the pumpkin decor which also doubles as a candy bowl! YOu can simply leave it out for some no-contact trick or treating!

12. Decoupaged Wood Plank Pumpkins by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Colorful decoupaged wood pumpkins

Who says pumpkins need to be orange?! Make some colorful pumpkins using decoupage

13. Rustic Pallet Pumpkin by Her Tool Belt

Pumpkin made from pallet wood.

This DIY pallet wood pumpkin is super easy to make!


14. Painted pallet pumpkins by Pet Scribbles

Pre-made wooden pumpkins painted in distressed colors.

Pre-made wooden pumpkins are a great alternative if you don’t have any scrap wood laying around. Just add paint!

15. Salvaged Fence Pumpkins by Sweet Parrish Place

pumpkin made from fences

Salvaged wood makes great projects and this salvaged fence pumpkin is no exception.

16. Paint Stick Pumpkins by Two Purple Couches

Pumpkin made from paint sticks

Paint sticks aren’t just for stirring paint. Put them together for a perfect pumpkin.

Other Creative Wooden Pumpkins

17. Wood Slice Pumpkins by A Night Owl Blog

Wood slicec painted orange to make pumpkins

This is a super simple project! Just paint wood slices in orange paint.

If you don’t have access to wood slices, you can easily buy them too!

18. Mini Crate Pumpkins by Sweet Parrish Place

pumpkin made from a little crate upside down and cork glued.

This wood pumpkin uses a small crate! Just paint it and add a little cork to top it – easy and beautiful.

19. Stump Pumpkins by Her Tool Belt

Carved stump turned pumpkin on an outdoor bench

If you have access to stump and just a little bit of carving skill, you can make these cool pumpkins to rival any of the real pumpkins!


20. Monogrammed Pumpkin Wreath by Reality Daydream

Scrolled monogrammed pumpkin made using plywood

This monogrammed pumpkin will make gorgeous door decor!

21. Framed Wood Pumpkins from Pretty Handy Girl

Sign made using scrolled wood pumpkins

Pumpkin clip art and a scroll saw is all you need for this fun framed wood pumpkin art in no time.

22. Rustic scrap wood pumpkins by Our Crafty Mom

Small white scrap wood pumpkins on window

White scrap wood pumpkins are the perfect farmhouse decor for fall.


Not in the mood to DIY? Here are options to buy.

More DIY Pumpkin Ideas

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