35 Classy Fall Decor Ideas

Decorate with these budget-friendly, elegant and classy fall decor finds from around the internet – from small businesses to large stores!

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Fall Decor

Fall means all things warm and cozy…

Orange, yellow and pumpkins…

It is the season of transition. We go from airy summer decor to all the cendles and knitted throws and pillows!

It is perfectly cold for that cozy sweater and the warm drinks but if warm enough to sit outside by a campfire and roast marshmallows.

And fall decor…

Beautiful fall decor which reminds you of all things cozy…

See what I did there… its a warm and cozy circle.

It is almost the gateway into the Holidays!

But decorating for fall doesn’t only mean large orange pumpkins everywhere.

Decorating for fall can be elegant and classy AND budget-friendly!

If you are looking for DIY ideas, be sure to follow my Pinterest board on DIY Fall decor ideas too! I will be updating it with lots of inspiration!

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Classy Fall Decor Ideas-

Below I am sharing a few of my favorite finds from across the internet – they include finds from lots of small businesses and a few big box stores too.

I tried to find a little of everything – pillows, wreaths, outdoor decor and of course pumpkins!

Faux Pumpkins for Decorating

Let’s talk a little bit about pumpkins – specifically faux pumpkins. They can be used in so many places in so many ways –

  • On the front porch for outdoor decor
  • In the entry way of a console table
  • Next to the fireplace – on the mantle
  • As part of your thanksgiving table centerpiece

The options are endless and so are the materials they can be made with!

Look below for all various ideas!

Plus, I have some really gorgeous pillows, wreaths, garlands, and signs for you! Pick your favorite and turn your home into a cozy abode!

Simply click on the image below to go to the sales page.

Happy decorating!


Aren’t they all amazing and pretty? I can’t believe the price on some of these!!

Which one is your favorite?

My favorite is definitely the fall garland with colorful acorns!

Fall Decor Finds on Amazon

Amazon of course has a great selection of Fall decor as well!

More Fall Decor Ideas –

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  1. I cannot get enough fall decor! It’s like a disease! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, its amazing how fall decor makes us feel!! You would think we would sad to let summer go!

  2. Awesome post Anika! I am loving all the fall decor on Amazon! They have such cute stuff for way cheaper than I find in retail stores and I shop from home in my jammies 🙂 Pinning this for later! Have a great day, my friend! xo, Christy

    1. Thank Christy!! Yes, I was so surprised at the wide range of items available at such awesome prices!!

  3. What a great selection of fall decor items! I will have to check it out myself on Amazon, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I was amazed that Amazon had such an awesome selection!

  4. Some great finds Anika. You forgot to mention you also get the free amazon prime network to view! We too have been prime members for several years and regular deliveries to our front door are keeping the postman busy!

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