Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers for every Budget

Find the perfect stocking stuffers for woodworkers for every budget. These stocking stuffer ideas are simple and functional and perfect for the woodworker on your gift-giving list.

image collage of stocking stuffers for woodworkers on any budget

It can be hard to buy for a woodworker. They have their preferences for brands of large tools and probably have drawers full of screwdrivers or socket sets.

Here are some woodworking tools and accessories they may not have, but that will make their life so much easier in the workshop.

They will love these stocking stuffer ideas when they empty that stocking on Christmas morning.

Most of these are under $10 and all of them are under $50!

Stocking Stuffers for woodworkers

1. Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband stocking stuffer for woodworkers

I have 2 of these and I absolutely love these magnetic wristbands!

It makes building so much easier when you don’t have to keep reaching across your project for screws!

2. Glu-bot glue dispenser

Glue dispenser

Have you tried getting glue out of a bottle?

You have to turn it upside down and shake it till the glue makes its way to the nozzle.

The Glu-bot glue dispenser is absolutely brilliant! Squeeze at any angle and the glue is out. It helps saves so much time in the wood shop!

3. Quick-read tape measure

Tape measure with fractions and decimals marked

A woodworker needs to deal with fractions – lots of fractions. This quick-read tape measure is absolutely life-changing! It saves time with all the basic fractions marked right there including their decimal equivalents!

4. Carpenter  pencils with printed ruler

Carpenters pencil with ruler as a gift for woodworkers

You can never have too many pencils…and these carpenter pencils work double as hard with the printed rulers!

Be sure to bundle it with the sharpener too!

5. Reusable shims

Reusable plastic shims

As a woodworker, the need to create even spacing is very important in various projects. They will find this set of reusable shims is very handy when building any project. The shims come in a set of varying sizes!

6. Kreg’s Multi-mark multipurpose tool

Kreg multi-mark tool

This little multipurpose tool is AMAZING and is my favorite tool in the workshop and makes a great stocking stuffer!

It can be used in so many configurations and has so many applications – spacings, angles, and transfer measurements. It even has a built-in level.

Ever since I got one of these, I use it with pretty much every project!

7. Quick Flip

Kreg quick flip on workbench with bit out of the tool

This unique Quick Flip tool that helps you drill a countersunk hole, flip the bit, and then drive a pocket hole – without having to change out the bit.

Ever since I discovered this little handy tool, I use it every time I need to drive a screw.

8. Right-angle drill attachment

Right angle drill attachment

This right-angle drill attachment is absolutely genius! It makes it super easy to get into tight spaces that typically, you wouldn’t be able to reach with your drill.

9. Glue Applicator Kit

Silicone glue bruch kit for gift ideas for woodworking

This is a great upgrade to the wood glue bottle. All the glue applicator attachments make applying glue uniform, easy and less messy in all types of applications and situations!

10. Scriber and Marking kit

scribe and marking kit for woodworkers

Precise scribing and marking is extremely important to get a professional finish in projects. These scribing and marking kit has multiple colored pencils and scriber to cover all possible situations.

11. Laser Level

laser level

Great for all types of projects – from installing pictures to cabinets, a laser level is a must-have in a woodworker’s toolbox.

If you feel like splurging, this Bosch laser level is the best one on the market.

12. Caliper

caliper for woodworking

Getting an accurate measurement of thickness of the wood boards is extremely critical to the success of woodworking projects.

This digital caliper makes it easy to get those measurements.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers under $50

13. Digital Angle Gauge

Angle gauge Clamps as gifts for woodworkers

This little gadget measures angles and can be used on blades of saws  – miter saw, table saw, etc. Precision is key in setting up angles in the woodworking world.

14. Project Blocks

KReg multipurpose project blocks on the workbench

These multipurpose project blocks can be used for many applications.

They can be used to elevate and hold a project off of a work surface without clamps. Plus it has a non-marring tip that is perfect for holding projects while painting or staining.

15. Kreg320 pocket hole system

The Kreg 320 in a box - Full review

Pocket holes are a great quick way to join wood. They may already have a larger pocket hole system, but this little Kreg 320 system packs a whole lot of bang! It makes it easier to work with larger boards. Trust me, they will love it!

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