25 Easy DIY Wood Picture Frame Ideas

Custom picture frames can be expensive. Make your own DIY picture frames the size and style you need. Here are 25 creative designs to inspire you.

Image collage of eight DIY picture frames with text overlay

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Picture Frames?

When you need a large frame in a custom size, making your own is definitely cheaper.

Making smaller picture frames can still save you money if you have scrap wood to make them with.

What Do I Need to Make a Picture Frame?

  • Wood – you can use any type of wood. 1x2s and 1x3s are most commonly used when making picture frames.
  • Miter saw or miter box if you want your frame to have mitered corners.
  • Other simple tools like a drill, pocket hole jig, and clamps.
  • Glass or plexiglass is you want to preserve your photo or artwork.
  • Sawtooth hangers to hang your frame on the wall.

This list isn’t all inclusive, there will be other things you need depending on the type of photo frame want to make.

What Can I Use for a Backing for My Picture Frame?

Plywood, cardboard, or foam board are good choices to use as a backing for your picture frame.

Let’s take a look at these picture frames that are sure to bring you inspiration to make you own!

25 DIY Picture Frames

1. DIY Custom Picture Frame (Using Half-Lap Cuts)

Learn how to make a wall-mounted custom picture frame of any size using half-lap cuts with this detailed step-by-step guide.

I made this picture frame using half-lap cuts. Don’t worry, that isn’t as intimidating as it sounds! All you need is an oscillating tool, a router, 1×2 boards, and your favorite photo to make this DIY photo frame.

See the full tutorial

2. Simple Picture Frame

How to make a simple photo frame. This step by step tutorial shows you how to make plywood and plexiglass frames easily without using any fancy tools.

Picture frames don’t always have to be used for photos. You can use them to showcase home decor like these cute holiday graphics. This DIY project uses plywood and plexiglass and is a great beginner woodworking project.

See the full instructions

3. Large Custom DIY Picture Frames from Woodshop Diaries

Three DIY picture frames hanging on the wall in the dining room

Custom picture framing is expensive, so save yourself a lot of money and make your own DIY picture frames. These large wooden picture frames are made using 1x2s for the outside of the frame and square dowels for the inside. Use them for family photos or even large artwork.

See the easy tutorial

4. Rustic Picture Frame from Houseful of Handmade

DIY picture frame laying on a table with apple sign graphic in it

This rustic wooden frame can be made in just 20 minutes using a 1×3 board. You could even use scrap wood if you have enough. Mitered corners joined using pocket holes and wood glue will keep this DIY picture frame solid for years to come.

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5. Collage Picture Frame from Saws on Skates

collage picture frame with nine round cutouts

Make your own collage picture frame using plywood and 1x2s. This DIY picture frame is a little more advanced and you will need a router, a pocket hole jig, and a hole saw to make it. It’s a unique way to display artwork or family photos.

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6. Easy DIY Canvas Frame from Abbotts At Home

canvas art DIY frame

1x2s and wood glue are all you need to make this easy DIY canvas art frame. Because the glue needs time to dry, this large picture frame can be made in a day and your custom framed home decor will be ready to hang on the wall!

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7. DIY Magnetic Wood Frame from DIY Huntress

magnetic wood frame with printable quote

You can make this easy DIY picture frame using scrap wood! 1x2s on the front are magnetic so you can easily change out your photographs or use it for kids artwork. This fun DIY project would make a great gift!

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8. DIY Picture Frames with Burned Finish from Green with Decor

Two DIY picture frames with wood burned finish

Forget the stain, this photo frame idea uses a heat gun for a unique finish. You’ll need a drill and just a few other basic tools to make your own. Clipboard hinge hooks make it easy to change your photos anytime you want.

See the full tutorial

9. Wood and Leather DIY picture Frames from The Inspired Workshop

Three wood and leather picture frames hung with dowels

I love this DIY picture frame idea, such creativity! It’s a little farmhouse and a little boho. You’ll need furring strips and leather to make this picture frame project. It’s great to use for prints or even crafts made by your kiddos.

See the full tutorial

10. Shou Sugi Ban Picture Frame from Unique Creations by Anita

Wood burned picture frame sitting on top of headboard

This wood picture frame is finished using the shou sugi ban technique. I love the dark accents the burning technique gives the wood. This technique isn’t hard, so don’t be intimated. I have made a couple of projects using shou sugi ban and can tell you that it is beginner friendly.

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11. $5 DIY Picture Frame from Place of My Taste

Large DIY picture frames hanging above sofa

You can make these DIY picture frames for just $5! Talk about saving money. Large frames like this would cost a fortune, but this DIY picture frame tutorial walks you through exactly how make your own using 1×2 pine boards, a screwdriver and hanging hardware.

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12. Budget-Friendly Picture Frame from Angela Marie Made

Black picture frame with matted picture

Make four of these large square picture frames for just $20 using 1x2s and brad nails. Furring strips are used instead of having to use a router to create a ledge for your photo to sit on. Paint these simple DIY frames in your favorite color and they are ready to hang!

See the full tutorial

13. Custom Picture Frame No Power Tools from A Beautiful Mess

DIY picture frame made without power tools

Custom frames for odd sized art or photos is so expensive. You can make your own and without any power tools! This recessed mount frame is made with 1x2s and 1x3s glued together to form the top, bottom, and sides of the frame. Glue and finish nails hold the whole thing together for an easy beginner woodworking project.

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14. Large DIY Picture Frame from Grace In My Space

large picture of a dog in a DIY picture frame

First of all, can we talk about how cute this artwork is?! He looks so fluffy! The frame for this cute guy is made using common pine boards and the mat is made from foam board. The frame is constructed using corner brace brackets on the back and the front is caulked and painted to cover up any gaps.

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15. DIY Fuji Instax Photo Frame from Jen Woodhouse

photo frame with mini photos clipped with magnetic clips

This easy DIY picture frame is made using 1x2s and 3/4″ plywood. Mini clips are glued to the frame for holding 10 pictures in this case. You could totally make it for less photos if you want. Such a cute way to display those mini photos.

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16. Floating Picture Frames from DIY Huntress

modern wood and acrylic floating picture frames

At around just $10 each these modern easy to make picture frames can be made using scrap wood. Your favorite photos will float inside the plexiglass and you can easily change them out whenever you want.

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17. Tilting Wood Photo Frame from Saws on Skates

wood tilting photo frame painted gray

I love the look of this old fashioned tilting picture frame. The pedestal bottom of the frame is made is made as a tilting frame that tilts from top to bottom. This would be a great alternative to plan ugly old table top picture frames.

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18. DIY Frame from Making Manzanita

3 DIY picture frames with wash, brush, and flush prints

Looking for a creative way to hang printables or photos? These easy DIY picture frames are the way to go. Made from craft board they use magnetic tape to hold your print inside. Add cord or twine to hang and they’re all set.

See the full tutorial

19. DIY Gold Leaf Wood Frame from At Charlotte’s House

Gold leaf DIY frames with split butterfly print

Do you want a little glam on your picture frames? This gilded picture frame tutorial is just for you! This frame features a magnetic frame that makes switching out art a breeze. Gold leaf is applied using glue for a high end look.

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20. Easy Wood Frames from Young House Love

Easy wood frames with posters in them

These poster frames are so easy to make using 1x2s and screws. The worst part of making these will be waiting for the wood stain to dry so you can put them up. The screws on put in on the bottom and top boards of the frame so they aren’t visible.

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21. Plywood Frames with Glass from Pretty Handy Girl

Silhouettes framed on plywood with glass

Do you remember doing sillouettes when you were in school? They were so neat. Turn them into home decor using plywood and glass to make picture frames. You can make three of these plywood picture frames for around $20 if you have scrap plywood. Low volt staples hold the glass in place.

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22. DIY Clip Board Frames from Two Feet First

Clipboard frames using plywood and mini clothespins

How adorable are these simple DIY wood clip board frames? Made with 1/2″ or 1/4″ plywood all you need is to add mini clothespins using Gorilla glue and you have modern picture frames. You can make them all different sizes to hold all your favorite photos.

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23. DIY Art Shadow Box Frame from The DIY Nuts

shadow box style picture frames with art

As much as we would love to, we can’t display all of our children’s artwork. Make a DIY picture frame box that not only displays their art, but also stores it so you never have to worry about where you will keep it all. A simple box with rabbits for the plexiglass and art to slide down into are a great solution.

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24. Easy Farmhouse Style Frame from Her Toolbelt

Wood picture frame with metal rivets

Is farmhouse design your style? Then you’ll love the look of this reclaimed wood photo frame. It’s easy to make and the top and bottom boards allow your pictures to slide in and out so you can change them whenever you want.

See the full tutorial.

25. DIY Floating Frame from Woodshop Diaries

DIY floating picture frame sitting on shelf

You can make this DIY floating picture frame using just two basic tools. The plexiglass used in this photo frame makes it appear as if your picture is floating. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how to cut plexiglass for your frame.

See the full tutorial

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