45 Best Gifts for Diyers

Looking for gift ideas for the DIYer in your life? This is the ultimate list filled with ideas – for every budget and every occasion!

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Finding the perfect tool gift for DIYers isn’t always easy.

Especially if you aren’t a DIYer yourself.

You have no ideas what to get them.

  • What tool do they want?
  • What tool do they need for their next DIY project?
  • Will they really use the tool you get them?

I have you covered.

If you have someone in your life who loves to take care of home improvement and maintenance themselves, I have a full curated list of great gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

All of these will make excellent:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Christmas gifts (some are great stocking stuffers too)
  • Housewarming gifts

Having worked on building furniture and I picked a comprehensive list of my favorite picks that will make a welcome addition to any DIYer’s tool kit.

Keeping pricing in mind – from $5 – $150 for these tools, you will definitely find the perfect gift in your price range.

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Gift Ideas for Diyers

1. Paint Brush Cover

Great for when taking a break from painting. This paintbrush cover helps keep paintbrushes wet and ready to use between coats without having to wash them out.

wooster shortcut paint brush

2. Wooster Shortcut

This is my favorite paintbrush! Everyone I have referred this to loves it too! It allows to easily and neatly cut in wall trim and tight places while painting without making a mess.

Plus, the flexible handle is super comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

broken bolt and screw extractor set

3. Bolt and Screw Extractor

One of the frustrations with DIY and home improvement is the dreaded stripped screws! This will help them easily remove even the most stubborn broken bolt or screw!

snowflake multi tool

4. Snowflake Multi Tool

Versatile tools always win!

This one allows them to take care of simple projects around the house without having to get out the entire toolbox.

lufkin quick read tape measure

5. Quick Read Tape Measure

This is my favorite tape measure! All the fractions and decimals are printed on the tape.

This makes it easy to read and they don’t need to convert between fractions and decimals!

magnetic pick up tool

6. Magnetic Pick up Tool

This will be a useful tool allowing them to pick up dropped screws, nails, and small metal objects in tight places.

black work gloves

7. Work Gloves

Protect their knuckles and make gripping projects and tools easy. These gloves are machine washable and have a hook and loop closure that gives an adjustable secure fit.

universal socket

8. Universal Socket

They will love this universal socket that can be used with almost any drill or driver. It’s the perfect addition to their toolbox.

Irwin quick grip clamp set of four

9. Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

These are the perfect addition to their workshop for holding a project together while they work on it.

Magnetic wristband Clamps as gift ideas for woodworkers

10. Magnetic Wristband

This simple magnetic wristband helps then them keep all their screws at hand easily accessible as they work on their project.


air pump leveling kit

11. Professional Leveling Kit

When working on projects, you sometimes need to hold things up and level. This helps make leveling a project easier.

It will act as a second pair of hands and won’t scratch the project they are working on.

Arrow staple gun

12. Arrow T-50 Staple Gun

This staple gun helps make general repairs, upholstery, or do crafting projects too. This easy-to-use staple gun belongs in their tool arsenal.

Stud Finder

13. Stud Finder

Important for installing anything on walls. This stud finder helps them locate studs in the wall and gives off a warning when wiring is present to keep them safe.

Milwaukee screwdriver set

14. Screwdriver Set

Screw drivers are essential in any tool kit.

This set has all the types and sizes they will need with magnetic tips. No more dropping screws, the magnetic tips will keep screws in place for them to get the job done.

head lamp

15. Head Lamp

Dark spaces come with the DIY territory – it could be fixing something under the sink or in an attic. A trusty headlamp makes an amazing gift to light their way.

Not only is it handsfree, but they can also use it for other activities!

This one is rechargeable with motion sensor lights!

Dewalt right angle drill attachment

16. Right Angle Drill Attachment

This is one of my absolute favorite helpers. It makes getting into tight spaces where you can’t fit a drill super easy.

Trust me, it will get lots of good use.

Contour gauge

17. Contour Gauge

Home improvement projects often come with weird angles and crazy outlines.

These contour gauges make it easy for them to transfer outlines from one part of the project to the other.

voltage tester with flashlight

18. Voltage Tester

This voltage tester will make it easy for them to check for live wiring keeping safe when tackling any kind of electrical projects – small or big.

arrow glue gun

19. Arrow Glue Gun

Glue guns are underrated. They are a great tool to have in any tool bag. Whether its a quick fix or holding things temporarily in place, this professional glue gun will get lots of use.

Bosch laser distance measure

20. Bosch Laser Distance Measure

A laser level is a lot more accurate and faster than a traditional tape measure.

It is compact and can easily be travel with them from project to project and measure distances in real time.

tool organizer

21. Magnogrip Tool Organzier

Help them keep all their tools organized and within reach while working on a project.


22. Purdy Paint Pail

The adjustable strap will make it easy for the DIYer to hold onto and keep paint projects neater. The handy magnetic paintbrush holder keeps the brush within easy reach.

Digital multimeter kit

23. Digital Multimeter

A tool to help the DIYer check if there is voltage running through wiring. Great for checking to make sure wires aren’t live before working on an electrical project.

Dewalt drill set

24. Dewalt Drill Bit Set

A DIYer can never have enough drill bits they will love this gift!

red shop vac

25. Shop Vac

A shop vac let’s them clean up after themselves. It’s a practical addition to their workshop and can be used to clean up wet or dry messes.

worx switch driver

26. Worx Switch Driver

Cordless drills are a necessity. But when you have to make holes and add screws, you need two drills! This one has two in one! They can easily switch back and forth between drill bits and screwdriver on the same tool – saving time and effort!

Dewalt blue tooth speaker

27. Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker

Let them crank up the toons while they work. Will bluetooth up to 100ft. and has a carry handle and phone holder.

Dewalt oscillating tool

28. Dewalt Oscillating Tool

This tool will let them do fine cutting detail on woodworking projects and so much more.

isotunes 2.0 hearing protection

29. Isotunes 2.0

Hearing protection is extremely important – especially when using loud power tools.

This ear protection with Bluetooth is a  great way to stream music or podcasts during projects and block out all the noisy tools at the same time for much-needed ear protection.

I have the IsoTunes PRO 2.0 and I love it!

Get $10 off with code ANIKA10!

home right finish max paint sprayer gift for DIYer

30. Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is one of the must-haves for DIYers – they can not only use it for painting furniture, projects but also walls and fences!

self leveling laser

31. Skil Self Leveling Laser

Allows the DIYer to project a level line around the room to complete projects like chair railing, hanging pictures, wallpaper, and more.

worx work table

32. Worx Work Table

The Worx work table allows them to have an extra workspace and folds up to be put away when not in use.

Worx hydroshot

33. Worx Hydroshot

Portable and rechargeable, clean-up projects will be a breeze for them with the Worx Hydroshot.

Worx Markerx

34. Workx Markerx

Dewalt atomic driver combo kit

35. Dewalt Atomic Drill Driver Kit

They will love this drill/driver combo kit. Complete with batteries and charger this is the ultimate gift for the DIYer.


T-Shirts for the Diyer

Of course, every DIYer loves to show off the DIY Spirit! Here are a few I designed recently!

All these designs are available in whole bunch of colors and men’s and women’s sizes.

Woman wearing coffee sawdust repeat t-shirt

The “I can make that” and the “Coffee and Sawdust” t-shirts are a reader favorite!

Take a look at more designs and get them T-shirts that they will love to wear and show off inside or outside the workshop! There are mugs too! AND hoodies to work in the shop on a cool day!

Coffee Sawdust repeat mug for woodworkers

Books and Inspiration –

DIYers love looking at books to learn and to be inspired! Here is a list of some of my favorites. Some of these make great coffee table books too!

I hope this gift guide for the DIYer gives you some great ideas for the DIYers on your list or for your wishlist!

More Gift Ideas –

Anika's goal is to inspire and empower beginners with woodworking, DIY, home improvement, and home decor ideas.
She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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  1. Hey Anika,

    I’d definitely go for the books and some of the little things DIYers forget most of the time like the protective glasses and hearing protection.

    Thank you for coming up with a great list of gift ideas for DIYers! 🙂

  2. Personally, I would go for a new cordless drill, my current one (at least a decade old) has finally died 🙁 Santa, new drill please!

  3. Charles Haigh says:

    Hi, One of cousins is a woodworker. I want to give him a drill for his work. Hope so he will be happy to see this. What do you think about this ?

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