The Best Gold Spray Paint Out There!

Frustrated with trying to find the best gold spray paint? We share tests on eight products to help you pick your favorite without having to buy them all!

Cans of gold spray paint gathered.

Finding the best gold spray paint for your project can get really frustrating. I know… I have been there.

You make a decision based on what the spray paint can lid looks like at the store, but when you get home and try it, it is completely different, and you wish you could have tried it out before buying it.

Even though I have rarely had any luck picking a can of gold spray judging by the color of its cap, through personal experience I have managed to narrow it down to a couple of favorites over the years.

I already had four cans in my spray paint arsenal from all the trials I have done in the past, but I bought and tested four more popular options to experiment with the options and find the best gold paint to share with you!

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The Testing Process

I bought a bunch of mini terracotta pots to use as the test vehicle and sprayed each pot in a Homeright spray shelter.

I put the pots on a piece of scrap wood, which made it easier to pick them up and move them out of the way to dry while I painted the next pot.

By the way, this is my favorite spray paint trigger

spray painting pots to test the best gold spray paint

To control the experiment variables, here are the basic rules I followed: 

  • All pots were spray painted outside on the same day and within the same hour to control for any temperature/humidity variations.
  • All pots got two light coats of spray paint without drying time between the applications.
  • All photographs were taken at the same time with the same camera settings.
  • None of the pictures have been digitally retouched aside from cropping.

Comparison of Gold Spray Paints

Here is a lineup of all the pots with their corresponding paint can. Right off the bat, you can see that there are quite a few variations in color, hue, and brightness. So, I decided to make smaller groups based on their shade and finish for a more in-depth comparison.

8 gold spray paint cans and 8 gold painted pots to test for the best gold spray paint

Best Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Top 3 gold spray paint colors together

1- Design Masters  | 4 – Rustoleum Metallic |  2 – Krylon Premium metallic

Each of these turns out as shiny gold spray paint with a lot of reflectivity, and as such, they would be the best type of gold spray paint for metal-looking objects. 

This is the first time I have used Design Master’s spray paint, and I have to say I was very impressed—especially with the uniform coat and quick drying time. In terms of color, it is nearly identical to Rustoleum Metallic. They would both make great classic-looking, antique gold spray paint for objects that you would want to appear the most authentically gold.

I would place the Krylon Premium Metallic last out of the three here, as it has a very yellow, almost artificial shine.


Best Matte Gold Spray Paint

Gold spray paint comparison for Rustoleum universal and valsprar

5 – Rustoleum Universal Metallic  | 6 – Krylon Dual

These two are definitely matte gold and pretty true to their cap colors. They would be great for applications where you want brushed gold spray paint to achieve a sophisticated matte, brushed metal look. 

One thing I like about Krylon Dual, which is unfortunately hard to make out in these photos, is that tiny specks of gold are embedded in the spray to give it dimension. It also has a more true gold color than the Rustoleum Universal, which is a bit on the green-yellow side. 

Best Rose Gold Spray Paint

the rose gold spray paint comparison

6- Krylon ColorMaster  | 3- Valspar Metallic  | 7- Krylon Metallic 

The caps for these three are definitely misleading, as they all have a distinct rose tint. They really should be called rose gold spray paints.

The Krylon paints look identical, with no difference in color tone and shine. The Valspar Metallic looks a lot more matte, which I personally prefer. If I needed to use rose gold spray paint, I would definitely go with the Valspar Metallic. The only issue is that the can didn’t spray very cleanly, so I am hoping I just got a bad can.


Which Gold Spray Paint Is the Best?

test pots for thebest gold spray paint experiment lines up

For applications where I need authentic gold, I would definitely go for the Design Master or Rustoleum Metallic. The Rustoleum Metallic is actually what I have been using in most of my projects up until now, so I am excited to have found another great option!

For matte gold, my personal pick would be the Krylon Dual for its color and finish, and if I needed a rose gold spray paint, I would opt for the Valspar Metallic

That being said, each gold paint spray I tested out was good in its own right, and they all had excellent coverage in just 2 light coats, meaning they should all hold up well regardless of whether you’re looking for the best gold spray paint for metal, a gold spray paint for plastic, or a good gold spray paint for wood. 

Ultimately, you should use the above observations based on what is best for your individual preferences and your project’s needs.

Which one is your favorite? Are there any other gold spray paints I missed that you recommend? Let me know in the comments below, and hopefully, this article will help you with your next project!


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  1. Great comparison! One almost looks copper. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  2. Kathy Alford says:

    Thanks for doing this. It was a lot of work, but so helpful to us DIYers. I appreciate you!

  3. Found your post from pinterest very helpful thank you! I am planning on spraying metal, wood and plastic in my beauty room to match my logo theme.

    Do you have to apply a primer and a finishing protective product? my main concern is the metal chair base scratching.

    1. Hi Jodie. Yes, you do need to apply a primer. I would suggest a grey spray primer meant specifically for the type of material you are planning to paint.

  4. looking for spray painting gold on candles. would you have a suggestion ?

    1. Hi Nidhi, I don’t have experience with candles. I believe any of these should work. You should do a test on a spare candle to try it out.Let me know how it works!

  5. HI Anika, Thank you for solving this problem for us! I am trying to spray paint a metal light to match polished brass fixtures in my home. These are original polished brass faucets. Which of the golds 1, 2 or 4 do you think would best match a polished brass look? The one I purchased already looks more rose gold so it will not work! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenna,
      1 and 2 are almost identical have a brushed finish. 4 is much more “gold” and shiny vs the other two. I suggest making a decision depending on the look of your faucets. But please be sure to test first!

      1. Thank you so much! This is the answer I needed, I do not want a brushed look so 4 will be perfect! I sincerely appreciate your help.

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