Dremel Wood Carving – DIY Mandala Wall Art

Dremel wood carving is a great way to make engraved wood art. Make a gorgeous DIY mandala wall art using the Dremel tool with this step by step tutorial.

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The fun part of the DIY “bug” is that everything you see – you try to figure out how to make one yourself!

So when I saw a gorgeous carved mandala in a little market of handicrafts in India, my first thought – “I can make that!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture of the original but stayed in my head and one of those “someday” projects.

That “someday” is here! Presenting my Dremel wood carving! close up of Dremel wood carving to make a mandala wall art

I am so excited because it is pretty close to the one we saw down to the metallic shine!

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Of course, the carving could be (a lot) more uniform… and the details on the original were a lot more intricate, but, it is close enough and I am very much in love with it!Dremel wood carving to create engraved mandala

And guess what! You are in a for a treat because I have teamed up with 27 other AMAZING DIY bloggers who are bringing you gorgeous square wall art ideas! Look for it at the end of this post.

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Materials needed for Dremel Wood Engraving –

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How to Use a Dremel to Carve Wood –

Here is a video of exactly how I made it. Step by Step written instructions and other details follow.

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How to Engrave Wood

Step 1 – Transfer the mandala design onto the plywood using black acrylic paint.Transfering mandala onto plywood using a stencil - engraved wood wall art
Step 2 – Use the Dremel rotary tool with a wood carving tip to carve out all the black paint from the plywood.How to use a Dremel to Carve wood to create an engraved wall art

This can look and sound intimidating but it didn’t take me as long as I had expected. In fact, it was kind of calming – like adult coloring. Also, my other project at that time involved staining a patio so this was a nice change of pace.

It took me a just over an hour total across 3 sessions. You have to take a break because holding that tool for a long time isn’t fun for your fingers.

Step 3 – Once everything was carved, remove all the dust and fill in the carved area with black acrylic paint (again). You don’t have to worry about staying within the lines too much.Dremel Wood carving - Adding paint back to the engraved wood wall art

Step 4 – Using the sander and 220 grit sheet, remove a thin layer of the plywood to reveal a clean engraved design.Dremel Wood carving - sanding the carved design to reveal engraved design.

Step 5 – Stain the entire plywood in the color of your choice.Staining the Dremel Wood Engraving

Step 6 – Use the metallic wax to add a glow to the mandala. Start in the center and use a circular motion. When I was happy with the coverage of the “glow”, I buffed it with a clean soft cloth till it was shiny.Using metallic wax to add shine to the Dremel wood carving

That’s it! It was really as easy as it sounds! And SO much fun to make…Close up mandala wall art with metallic glaze - how to carve wood with dremel

I have a few more I want to make and create a collage of sorts… maybe in multiple colors… that would be fun!

Shop Madala Wall Art –

But for now, here is the treat I promised you all! The gorgeous wall art ideas from 27 other DIY bloggers. Go check them all out!Collage of gorgeous DIY wood wall art ideas

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Didn’t I say you were in for treat?!

I am off to browse through all of these because I can’t stop staring all the pretty ideas!

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